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Taking A Look At The Must Have Wedding Party Supplies

March 23, 2017 • Under: Party Rentals


When you are putting together a wedding party, there are a number of wedding party supplies you should have. Some of these supplies include: Wedding tables If having a formal party you should have tables for guests and others where you place gifts, family photos, and even the guest book.[…]

4 Ways To Decorate Your Party Tents

February 28, 2017 • Under: Party Rentals


Parties. A great time to meet people, hangout, have fun, and spend some good hours in a great environment. That’s what the people expect when going to one. You can ensure the best of food, drinks, music, ambiance and many other things, but the party tents above everyone’s heads is[…]

Party Rentals: Reasons Why Many Parties Fail

February 22, 2017 • Under: Party Rentals


If you are like most people, when you are throwing a party you want the guests to enjoy it and remember it for days to come. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. To help you out here are some of the reasons why many parties fail: Lack of planning[…]