10 Wedding Planning Secrets You Should Know

Planning a wedding is exciting yet stressful. Couples get overwhelmed with wedding preparations because they want to be done right. So, if you’re wondering how to make sense of the wedding planning chaos going on in your life and the difficult-to-understand wedding rental packages, take some help with these wedding planning secrets that will aid you to prevent nasty disasters.

Create Your Budget

You can’t plan your wedding without setting a limit on how much you can spend. You may have heard this many times, but it’s essential for wedding planning so we will address it here again.

Never book anything before settings the budget. This means, when you plan to get married, so first thing should be to set a budget. If you will be hiring a wedding planner, get help from them. Once you have set a budget, you can decide where you should splurge and where to restrict your spending for meeting the budget requirements and still getting the most out of it.

In your budget, include tax and service charges for everything because they can add up to a big sum as well.

Start With The Big Picture

Don’t stress over the dress color of your groomsmen or bridesmaids or other comparatively small details than deciding on the biggest details of your wedding. So, begin with the type of wedding style you want.

After setting the style, you can plan everything from tents to the color of chairs, and everything else according to the style.

Read Every Contract Before Signing

You’re getting married and for your wedding, you will get the services of many vendors like venue managers, florists, decorators, caterers, tent rentals, photographers, and many more.

Read each contract carefully to know which services will be provided. If you don’t see anything you asked for or if something else is added that you don’t need, talk to the vendor and have it added or removed before you finally sign the contract.

Soft Hold

You don’t have to sign the contract immediately. You can do a soft hold if you want some time to think about the points in the contract.

A soft hold means that the contract is not in effect but the vendor (usually) won’t book any other event on your wedding date. If the vendors get a request for the same date as yours, they may call you and ask for your decision first.

The same is expected from you. If you change your mind and go for another vendor, notify the other vendor so they are free to accommodate any other client for that date.

Decide Between Saving Money Or Ease For Your Guests When Deciding The Wedding Date

A wedding date will show which month and day your wedding will take place. The month and the day are huge factors when it comes to how much you will spend on the venue, vendors, and rentals. You can set the wedding date on a weekday and an unpopular month for saving money because most venues will offer discounts or low rates. It’s even possible to hire a planner for your wedding at a lower cost if you go with off-season and a weekday.

But before you make up your mind, you should consider the comfort of your guests. A weekday wedding may not be desirable for many of your guests. Moreover, winter months are considered off-season (except the winter and new year holidays). Attending your wedding can become difficult for some guests especially older people if it’s in the winter months.

If you want 100% attendance of the guests you invite and the most comfortable for them, select a weekend in August or September. But if you want to save money, a weekday in February (other than 12-14 February) will do the trick.

For getting the best of both worlds, select a weekend of an off-season month like February or the weekday of a wedding season month like September.

Organize By Creating A New Email For Your Wedding Planning

Your personal email may already have a lot of notes and reminders. So, to keep yourself organized, create a new email for your wedding and manage everything related to your wedding on that email like appointments, deadlines, bookings, and whatnot. And don’t forget to invite your personal email from the new email so you can still see the calendar on your personal email as well.

Repurpose Décor And Flowers From The Ceremony For Reception

Wedding décor and flowers cost more than most couples expect. Don’t hesitate to ask the florist to design the flowers that can be repurposed and rearranged for the reception. Because they will be glad to accommodate your request.

They will use minor changes to transform the décor from the ceremony to the reception without giving off the hint that they used most of the same flowers. This will not cost you as much as selecting two entire sets of wedding floral arrangements for the two days.

Entertain Your Guests

Your wedding is a special moment for you, but the guests you have invited should feel part of the wedding and have fun. So, make sure to have arrangements for entertaining the guests including fireworks and performers like liver painters, palm readers, comedians, and magicians. Moreover, if many of your guests are strangers to each other, encourage conversations with table topics cards, couple trivia, and card games.

Wedding favors work if you’re smart with them. You can go with unique things like temporary tattoos and name badges. Moreover, arrange treasure hunt and similar games for kids. Children will also love some of the above-mentioned live performers like magicians.

If you want an easy way of making your wedding interesting for guests, theme it. This will also become an ice breaker for many guests and help them interact with each other and have a good time.

That being said, the most important factor that many guest focus on is food. So, make sure they are served without any waits, there are enough servers for the guests, and the food is delicious.

Meet With Some Of The Vendors

You have to spend a lot of time with some vendors like the photographer, videographer, celebrant, and wedding planner. So, you should not only rely on the call for deciding upon all the details. Meet them in person because their personality and vibe should align with yours otherwise, it can make your special day stale. Plus, if you can, try to meet all the vendors you book.

Everything Won’t Be 100% Perfect

Even if you hire the best people in the business for your wedding planning, there may be some things that you may want to be better. So, keep in mind that everything won’t be according to your plan and you should be fine with it otherwise, the stress of making things perfect will stop you from doing something more important – wholeheartedly enjoying your wedding day.


To avoid wedding stress and make the planning process smoother, get help from people who would be glad to assist you, and if you can, hire a wedding planner along with recognized wedding tent rentals Damascus MD for kickstarting the process with much less burden on your shoulders so you can enjoy your wedding.