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Planning for a Successful Corporate Event

October 7, 2019 • Under: Party Rentals


It’s not always pure work in the world of business. Sometimes, employees and business owners need to wind down and have some fun from time to time. In some cases, it can be both. If you work or previously worked in a corporate setting, you may have experienced at least[…]

Outdoor Party Ideas That Will Surely Be One for the Books

September 16, 2019 • Under: Party Rentals


A lot of people, both kids and adults alike, love to attend parties. Whether it’s a graduation party, a birthday party, anniversaries, or just any other celebration, a party is still a party. Party means happiness and celebration, so you can expect good times and warm camaraderie among the guests[…]

How to Plan for Your Wedding Theme

September 11, 2019 • Under: Party Rentals


Weddings are one of the most exciting yet nerve-wracking milestones in a person’s life. You would have to plan for a year if you want a wedding experience you and your guests will surely remember. Everything – from your wedding dress, entourage, looking for wedding tent rental packages and other[…]

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