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Tips on How to Hire the Best Wedding or Corporate Rentals

October 17, 2018 • Under: Party Rentals


Planning an event can be overwhelming and its therefore important you have a strategy of how to make it easier. Event rentals make your work easier by providing important items you will need for your event. Whether it’s a wedding or that corporate luncheon, you need to do your homework[…]

Tips on How to Save Money on Wedding Rentals

October 10, 2018 • Under: Party Rentals


Wedding rentals don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It’s however important that you get quality rentals that will make your event look glamorous. How can you ensure that you keep the cost of the wedding event rentals within the stated budget? In this article, we tell you[…]

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring Wedding Rentals

September 30, 2018 • Under: Party Rentals


You want your wedding or party to be perfect and for your guest to enjoy the day. Once you have set the date for the event you need to determine the number of guests you expect in your event. It’s therefore important that reserve your party rentals in good time[…]

Why You Should Consider Tent rentals for your wedding

September 16, 2018 • Under: Party Rentals


One of the most crucial decisions couples who are planning their wedding grapple with is the wedding venue. Couples need to decide whether the venue is indoor or outdoor. Outdoor weddings give you distinct, fun and help you save you money. Tents give you a chance to hold your wedding[…]