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Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a Podcast

May 27, 2020 • Under: Party Rentals


There is no doubt of how the pandemic drastically changed our daily routines and lives. A lot of businesses also have to close. In particular, the tourism and events industry was among the hardest hit of the ongoing pandemic. Tent rentals and event rentals have to close down in the[…]

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a Zoom Meeting

May 6, 2020 • Under: Party Rentals


The events industry has taken a huge hit due to the ongoing health crisis. From party rentals to availing wedding tent rental packages, it may take a while before the affected industries can get back up to their feet again. Then again, there are many ways that the event industry[…]

Protect Yourself Online: How to Avoid COVID-19 Online Scams

April 29, 2020 • Under: Party Rentals


COVID-19 has affected not only individuals but also businesses. One cannot simply go to your place of work or spend time in the grocery store. Instead, people are advised to stay indoors until this health crisis slows down. Even businesses around the world needed to adjust big-time. A lot of[…]

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