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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Planning a Wedding

August 12, 2019 • Under: Party Rentals


Getting married is one of the most exciting yet nerve-wracking moments in a couple‚Äôs life. On one hand, soon-to-be-brides look forward to wearing their dream wedding gown on their big day. It is also a time where your friends and loved ones gather and celebrate with you and your soon-to-be-spouse[…]

What You Need to Consider Before Starting a Tent Rental Business

August 5, 2019 • Under: Party Rentals


Starting a business can be challenging. For one, you have to consider what kind of business you will have. Not only that the business should be profitable, but also something you are passionate about. Of all of the many types of businesses available today, events planning is one of the[…]

Things to Consider For a Good Stage Setup

July 17, 2019 • Under: Party Rentals


Most events would not be complete without a stage or platform. Some may rent event venues that already include a stage, sound systems, and other important event elements. On the other hand, some would rent a staging and dance floor rentals supplier especially if it is an outdoor venue. Regardless[…]

How to Create Contingency Plans For Events

July 11, 2019 • Under: Party Rentals


Planning for any event requires extensive planning and attention to details to ensure its success. Otherwise, it can lead to a disastrous outcome. While small issues may appear before and during an event, it is also important to address those concerns and create action steps in case those instances happen.[…]

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