Long Term Tent Rentals

A Grand Event specializes in long term / extended tent rentals for any. With the state of today’s society, we know more and more businesses, schools, and restaurants are in the need of outdoor, temporary structures. We offer heavy-duty structure tents that provide an open, unobstructed space for gatherings and events of any capacity.

Structure tents are known for their stability, dependability, and value.

During the hotter months of the year, we can offer pole fans, pedestal fans, HVAC cooling units, and mesh sidewalls to allow for continued airflow. During the colder months of the year, we offer fully enclosed sidewall with the option to include wall bars to secure down, event doors for entry and exit, propane or electric tent heaters fully equipped with all accessories, and HVAC heating units.

With long term tent rentals, we also offer all equipment necessary to meet fire safety guidelines that may be required to pass inspection and obtain permitting. We make safety our top priority so even when our office is closed over the weekend we offer the contact information for our on-call personnel that will be available during any emergency that could arise.

Extended tent rentals are a great solution to overcome the obstacles we are currently faced with today.

Benefits of long term tent rentals:

  • Increase available area for social distancing
  • Ensure safety by limiting the number of guests indoors
  • Engineered for strength and durability in inclement weather
  • Easy to stay comfortable with heating or cooling
  • Draw attention to your business
  • Fully customizable to suit your design