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A Grand Event offers a variety of tent sizes and styles.  Whether you are having backyard bar-b-que and are just looking for a little extra shade or if you want the outdoor wedding of your dreams, we have everything you are looking for!  In addition to back yard parties and weddings, we can also do tents for bar and bat mitzvah’s, graduations, wedding and baby showers, birthday parties as well as a variety of corporate functions such as Groundbreaking ceremonies, Grand Openings, and holiday parties.

Not sure what size tent you need? Check out the tent sizing chart under our wedding tents page.  Or, just give us a call and one of our tent specialists will gladly speak with you and recommend the perfect size tent for you.

One of our experienced tent specialists can meet you at your site to discuss your ideal tent size and make sure that tent will fit in the space you are looking for.   If you have an awkward space or area for the tent, that’s no problem.  We have erected our tents over top of decks, next to existing tents, over small trees and fountains, and just about anywhere else you can think of.  Check out some of our Real Tent Events find decorative inspiration and get an idea of some of the challenges involved in holding a tented party.

A Grand Event Party Rentals can also create a three dimensional CAD drawing of your event through state of the art computer aided design. We can design a scaled floor plan of your event to help visualize product /equipment placement, crowd flow and spacing needs prior to the event installation.   Knowing everything will fit under the tent and hoping are two very different things.  You can view our sample CAD drawings, here, or you can give us a call and our experienced CAD designer will happily work with you on designing your tent.


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Frame tents are free standing structures that are able to go on grass, concrete, asphalt, and decks.  They do not have poles that come down on the interior of the tent, however they are more expensive due to the labor involved in setting them up.  The aluminum poles are visible in the interior roof of the tent, however that can be covered by one of our elegant tent liners.

*10′ wide tent can be extended in 5′ increments
*15′ wide tent can be extended in 5′ increments
*20′ wide tents can be extended in 5′ increments
*30′ wide tents can be extended in 10′ increments
*40′ wide tents can be extended in 10′ increments

*All pricing for Frame tents includes the top canopy only.  Sides, lighting, weighting and delivery are extra.


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Pole tents, also referred to as tension tents, have a more elegant look to them with their higher peaks and dips.  They are constructed by driving stakes into the ground and then hoisting the canopy up with large center poles.  These types of tents can only go on grass.  Most people who choose these types of tents, do so because of the classic look this tent has from the outside as well as not having any interior poles visible on the inside of the tent.  However, the center poles that come down in the center of the tent can sometimes be thought of as an inconvenience to what is going on under the tent.
*30′ wide tents can be extended in 15′ increments
*40′ wide tents can be extended in 20′ increments

*All pricing for Pole tents includes the top canopy only.  Sides, lighting and delivery are extra.

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Pearl and Bistro lights may be hung around the perimeter only, up into the tent top, or back and forth across the tent at 8′ height.


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Ultra Deck sub-flooring is priced to be layed on grass/surface as is.  Additional charges will apply if leveling of floor is necessary or requested.

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