3 Tips to A Whimsical Tented Wedding

Are you thinking about having a tented wedding? Consider these tips:

Don’t wait until the last minute to book a tent

What do most people do when they are having a tented wedding? They wait until the last week or days to find the tent. Most of them believe that they will find the tent they are looking for, as all they need to do is step into the nearest tent rentals store and place an order.

While some are lucky to find the tent of their dreams, most don’t, and when they find them, they end up paying a premium for them.

To find the tent of your dreams at a discount, you should take your time and visit different companies and see what they offer.

You can’t visit these places in a week, can you? So, you should start the process early—at least three times before the wedding date.

Visit all the rental stores in your area and compare their tent prices. Most companies have a negotiation room, so don’t take the first price given to you. You should negotiate it down and get a better offer.

To save even more money, ask the rental company to deliver and collect the tent after the event. As you can guess, this will save you money you would have spent on transport.

Choose a tent that complements your vision.

When you are in the rental stores, you will come across many party tents to choose from. To rent a tent you will be proud of, ensure that the tent matches the vision of your event. Some of the most common tents you will come across include:

Clear tents: They feature a see-through roof allowing the guests to see the sky. The beauty of the tents is you can anchor them in different ways, and they hold up well against inclement weather. While the tents are excellent, their major flaw is they act as a greenhouse where they trap warm air, which works against flowers you might have installed in the tent.

Sailcloth tents: These feature a canvas fabric with peaks and inside wood tent poles that give your space a whimsical appeal. While you can use them at any time, they work best when you don’t expect heavy winds and rains.

When installing them, you should note that you need more feet of staking around the perimeter to strongly hold them in place.

Frame tent with hip ends: These slope in all four directions and come in various sizes to choose from. When properly installed, they can withstand inclement weather with ease. While the tents are excellent, they result in runoff, so you need to install a subfloor and flooring for your guests to be comfortable. As you can tell, this is an additional expense.

Think about your venue

Before you even head to the rental stores, you should have found a venue to install the tent. If you place the tent in your backyard, you have nothing to worry about, but if you are renting a space, there are plenty of things you should think about. These things include:

Does your wedding venue allow wedding tents? Some venues only allow open weddings, while others will require you to rent the wedding tent from them. To avoid being on their wrong side, ask whether they allow tents on their venue before you even head to the event rentals Northern VA.

Does the venue have enough space for your tent? The venue might allow you to install the wedding tent but is the space enough for your guests? You should find a venue that will effectively accommodate your guests.