4 Great Party Tents

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To protect your guests and provide privacy you need party tents for your party. Unlike before when you had to buy the units, now you only need to rent them from your local rental companies. To provide variety, the rental companies stock different types and styles of tents that you can go for. The common types that you can go for include:

Garden party tents

They are ideal for both casual and formal weddings. You can also use them in your outdoor wedding reception and evening party. They come in different colors and shapes. They are characterized by mesh curtains that are usually tied at the corners, but you can unfold and zip them together creating airy sidewalls. The curtains protect your guests from insects, direct sunlight and wind.

Pole tents

Pole tents are made up of heavy-duty tents supported by poles around the perimeter and at the center. These units are ideal if you are having your event in bad weather conditions such as heavy winds. Most of them come with one or more plastic windows that allow light into the tent. The window also allows you to view outside. When the weather gets better you can always remove the sidewalls thus opening up the tent.

Just like in other types, these units come in different colors, shapes and sizes. It’s up to you to choose the one that is ideal for your occasion.

Pop-up canopy tents

They are the smallest of all canopy tents and are ideal for highlighting the focal points of the event. These can be the food table, BBQ, bar or display units. The cool thing with them is that they are easy to set up. They are also easy to transport and since they are small, they don’t overwhelm your backyard. They come in different colors and styles thus fit almost any wedding theme that you have.

Walled party tents

From their name, these tents are enclosed thus providing you with protection against rain and wind. They also provide you with all the privacy that you need. They are usually small thus ideal when you are throwing a small wedding. The units feature a white cover that is usually peaked at the center in order to provide maximum height.


These are some of the tents that you need to know about. When renting them ensure that you rent from reputable tent rentals. This is to increase your chances of renting high quality tents.