6 Important Party Tent Details to Remember!

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Arranging a party is never easy, many things, details and even items may go overlooked as there have been always something or another is going on in the mind. It is always beneficial to talk out smallest of things related to party tents with your rental provider or your party planner in detailed manner.
Always tell your budget to your party rental provider or party planner and understand your responsibility as a renter because generally the tent permit alone costs between – $100 and – $300.

6 important party tent details

  • Tent flooring

For big events like graduation party or big wedding reception, tent flooring is one must required entity. So, always keep in mind to choose from a variety of flooring options present these days.

  • Tent perimeter lighting

If you are hosting an evening party don’t forget to ask for perimeter lighting, discuss the options available with your rental provider. Always keep some spare as extensions can be required.

  • Tent pole drape covers

For a posh event like a wedding you can’t leave the poles of the tent without drape covers, select the ones which are matching to your theme. But for lighter events you can opt them out.

  •  Tent heaters

If your event is scheduled to happen in winters or your location is such then it is essential to add heaters in your rental list for the comfortable stay of your guests.

  •  Fans

In case the event falls in summers then fans are necessary to manage the circulation of air inside the tent to avoid suffocation and restlessness among the guests. But it is required only if you are installing side walls.

  • Tent water barrel covers

Open water barrels are neither hygienic nor a treat to eyes, so, if you need your tent to be water barreled then the covers crucial to rent and worth every extra penny spent on them.
There are many items which can easily slip out of your mind while making a list of party rentals you require and from them these six are very common, so it is always best to talk in deep with your party rental contractor or party planner about what all is required.