6 Things You Should Not Forget to Hire During Your Wedding

Wedding preparations can be hectic, time-consuming and expensive. There are a lot of things you need to buy to make your wedding day memorable and perfect. While most people want to make the day perfect, they are also are looking for ways to save their hard-earned cash. Wedding tent rental packages is a perfect way that will help you save a coin on your big day. In this article, we tell you the must-have rental items that you should not forget. Contact the wedding rentals company in good time to avoid forgetting items that could ruin your big day.

Advantages of Wedding Rental Packages

  • Saves Cost

Buying chairs and tents for one day use is expensive and that will make your budget go overboard. Wedding tent rentals will help you save money and in case there is a high turnout you don’t have to incur extra cost. Renting wedding tents and chairs will be cheaper and will help you save money you can use on items that can’t be hired or rented.

  • Flexibility

You can’t ascertain the number of people who will turn up for a wedding. It’s therefore ideal to work with rental companies as they are able to provide extra chairs and tents at a minimal cost.

  • Delivery and Set up

The cost of renting tents and chairs includes delivery and set up and that saves you hassles during your big day. The wedding rental packages will include delivery, set up and return of the rental after the wedding.

  • Variety of Styles

Wedding rental companies have a variety of chairs and tents and that gives you a variety to choose from and make sure your day sparkles. You can get a variety of chairs and tents, making sure the décor of your wedding stands out and matches your theme.

  • No Maintenance

When you rent wedding tents and chairs you don’t need to provide storage or take care of them. The rental companies will deliver the rentals the day before the wedding and thus there is no need for maintenance or storage. On the hand, if you choose to buy the items you need to consider the maintenance and storage requirements. It’s, therefore, better to rent the chair and tables, tents and also the staging and dance floor.


Important Things That You Should Not forget to Rent During Your Wedding

Below  a list of items that you should not forget to hire on your big day

  • Tents

If you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony, you are going to need tents. Wedding tent rentals will save you the hassles of buying tents that you may not use again. Even if it’s summer and the weather looks predictable, it could get too hot making the guest uncomfortable. Don’t wait for mother nature to give you’re a surprise.

  • Tables and Chairs

Chair and tables are an obvious requirement during your wedding, but most people forget to rent additional seats for the musicians and the vendors. Make sure you rent additional tables for the gift tables, food serving areas, and the welcome area. Come up with a plan for the number of chairs and tables you need before calling the rental company.

  • Linen

If you are not using the traditional or rustic design for your wedding, you will need linen to dress your tables and chairs. Make sure the linen you choose to match your wedding theme and color.

  • Staging and Dance Floor

Depending on the venue of your wedding, you may need to rent a staging and dance floor. If your wedding is in a hall or a ballroom you may not need to hire a dance floor. Before hiring a staging and a dance floor make sure you consider the number of people expected to turn up for the wedding.

  • Lounge furniture

To make your wedding look more aesthetic consider hiring lounge furniture for your guest to get a place where they can rest. Lounge areas are also perfect photo areas.

  • Power Up

Hire an electrician for the wedding to avoid having a no power situation. An electrician will ensure the caterer, band and the DJ are not inconvenienced during the wedding. You can also hire a generator to ensure there is power throughout. Give the electrician a list of all the sections that require power so that they can plan power distribution on the wedding day.

Wedding rental packages will make your wedding easier to plan and more glamorous. Make sure the package has enough chairs and tents for the number of guests you expect on your big day. Make sure the rental company you choose has a variety of décor items that will ensure you match your wedding theme and color.