7 Types Of Wedding Tents

Are you having an outdoor wedding and wondering which is the best wedding tent to rent from wedding tent rentals? Well, there are many of them you can go for. Some of the popular ones being:

Sailcloth tent

This is a type of pole tent, but instead of vinyl, the tent has wooden poles for support. The most attractive thing about this tent is the translucent fabric that gives the tent a beautiful glow. The tent also features a soaring ceiling and curved lines that make the tent an excellent addition for any occasion.

To get the most from the tent, you have to extensively stake it with guy wires to provide the tent with as much support as possible. The cool thing with guy wires is you can use them on different surfaces.

Clear tent

A clear tent is a frame-based tent featuring a clear vinyl top. The beauty of this tent type is you can dine, dance, and enjoy the sky while being protected from the tough weather elements.

The clear tent makes sense when you want to allow as much light into the tent as possible, or the sky is beautiful, and you want your guests to have a glimpse as they are following your wedding.

Carnival tent

Also known as circus tents, carnival tents are pole tents dressed up in red and white striped fabric. From their name, these tents are large and meant to house a multitude of people. Therefore, you should get them if expecting plenty of people to attend the event.

Beach tent

A beach tent features a light translucent fabric draped over bamboo or wooden frame. Since the fabric is light, it doesn’t provide much protection against the weather elements, so you should go for it when the weather is perfect, and you want the tent purely for aesthetic reasons.

From its name, the best application for the tent is when you are having a beach wedding.

As mentioned, the tent doesn’t provide a lot of protection so ensure that you have your wedding when the weather is perfect. To ensure that the guests don’t go through a lot of anguish, keep your event short.

Indian themed wedding tent

This is a pole tent or marquee adorned in inviting fabrics and trim instead of white vinyl. Since they aren’t easily available, you have to do your research and find the right ones. To complete the tent’s look, rent additional draping, lighting, and décor.


Traditionally used as a portable living area, the yurt has slowly gained popularity, and now it’s used as a wedding tent. The tent features lattice walls, and a wood ribbed roof and crown, all covered in fabric.

Unlike the carnival tent, the yurt is small, making it the perfect choice for small intimate weddings.

Stretch tent

Are you looking to differentiate yourself from the other events? You should get a stretch tent. The tent features many poles that you can configure in different ways, making it possible for you to set it up in different areas such as the deck, forest, or rooftop.

As you can tell, the tent material is stretchy, which creates sleek lines that are often attractive to many people. The tent also comes in a variety of colors you can choose from.

Sailcloth tent

The sailcloth tent makes an excellent alternative if you are looking to give your event a natural look, but you don’t want a clear tent. The tent features wooden poles as the base and a sailcloth canopy.

Although the material isn’t translucent, it’s lighter than the vinyl cover, so it allows a lot of light into the tent.

After renting the tent from tent rentals Northern VA, ensure that you stake it firmly into the ground, so the wind does not blow it off.