All About Party Tents

party tents

Weddings are a joyous occasion but they are also a major undertaking, and the modern couple wants to display their individualism when celebrating this huge milestone in their life. Thus for people in the wedding business, the need to diversify and create unique items has increased. Years ago, there were only two styles of party tents to choose from, but nowadays there is a wide variety that enables the couple to personalize their day.

Types of party tents

Pole Tent: This is the most common type of wedding tent. It is the classic wedding tent. It is made of vinyl and needs to be anchored/staked to ensure it will not topple over. The peaked top makes it very aesthetically pleasing.

Frame tent: This comes second in line to the pole tent. It can usually be set up on most solid surfaces, and although it is not as attractive as the pole tent, it is even more versatile and can be decorated using fabric and lots of lights.

Sailcloth tent: This kind of shelter has been gaining popularity over the past few years. It is very much like the pole tent but is instead made of actual sailcloth which is translucent in nature. It’s very chic and has the added ability to add a beautiful glow to the interior of the tent due to the translucent nature of the fabric. It requires a lot of poles and staking to get it up though.

The clear tent: Like the name suggests it is made of clear vinyl. It is perfect for a reception at night where guests can eat and dine under the stars. It is extremely chic and sophisticated.

Tropical or beach style tent: This tent offers almost no protection against the elements. It is mostly for aesthetics and is aptly named as the guests are supposed to enjoy the wedding while being outdoors in fantastic weather.

Guide to renting the right tent

For you to have a great experience with the party tents, you need to rent the right ones. Before you head to the stores you need to determine the number of people that will be attending the party. Also, know the condition of the weather. If it is hot, rent an open tent. As rule of thumb you should rent a high quality unit from party rentals. The top notch unit will not only look good in your party, but it will also give you a better service.