All About Wedding Tent Rentals

Wedding tent rentals

If you will be having an outdoor wedding you should have a wedding tent to protect the guests from inclement weather. To make the event memorable you should always decorate the tent. You can rent the decorations from the tent rentals together with the wedding tent or go your own way.

Ways of decorating the wedding tent

There are many ways in which you can decorate the tent. Some of these ways include:

Flowers: Flowers and other plants are your best friends when it comes to tent decoration. In addition to decorating your tent, they also add warmth to the wedding venue. You can use live plants or rent decorative plants from the party rental companies. For an interesting look, use flowers of different colors and species.

Lighting: Just like flowers, lights add warmth and decorate the wedding tent. Many people report that lights take the attention away from the ugly areas of the tent such as the poles. For an interesting look, use lights of different colors and sizes. You should also place the lights at different areas of your tent.

Projectors: If you can afford one, you should use it to cast patterns and images onto the sides and ceiling of your tent. The cool thing with using a projector is that you don’t have to invest in a lot of decorations. For a great look use patterns that match the wedding theme. You should be cautious with the placement of the projector. As rule of thumb, place the projector at an area where it doesn’t interfere with the progression of the party.

Sky: Did you know you can use the sky to decorate your wedding tent? If the weather is beautiful, rent a tent with a transparent roof. The look is more magical if having a wedding party at night as the stars will be magical to look at.

Rental tent ideas

When renting the wedding tent you should go for a tent that looks beautiful and matches the wedding theme. It also should be big enough for all of your guests. Regardless of how beautiful the weather is, always be prepared for bad weather. This calls for you to always rent a tent with detachable sides. In the event of inclement weather, you will only reattach the sides of the tent and continue with the party. The impression you create is important for the remembrance of the party. For your event to be memorable rent a high-quality tent from reputable wedding tent rentals.