Bridal Preparation Tips

It is the final day before your wedding with only seven days to go before your big day, and the last thing you should do is stress about logistics. That is why one of the best pieces of wedding planning is you should pretend from the start that your wedding date is two to three weeks earlier. That gives you enough room for self-care, last-minute obligations, and family matters that might pop up a week before your wedding.

Everyone is aware of the preparations that are needed in a wedding, and there are specific formalities that normally happen at a wedding ceremony. There are event rentals you should take care of, gowns, food, and many more to consider.

Here are tips you can use to be prepared for your big day:

Get in Contact with Your Wedding Party

The simplest way to make sure that everyone who will attend your wedding party is where they should be. You should give them a chronological schedule of the events. You must compile all the important info – time and place for rehearsal, where they will get ready, where the wedding party photos should be taken, etc. into one slide size of your smartphone screen. Ask them to screenshot the slide and then add it to their album of favorite photos.

Detail Your Shots

In order for the photographer to capture everything about you, it would be useful that any pieces you want to be photographed should be on one side. Normally, brides are asked to include all their details like perfume and accessories in their shoe box with the shoes, and then place it near their dress. Therefore, as soon as you arrive, you can take those shots and other times focus on documenting everything that happens in the room.

Wisely Plan Your Hair and Beauty Timeline

You should time your hair and makeup trials, so you will know how long they take on the morning of your wedding. Make sure to double-check the way your hair and skin must be prepared before makeup artists and stylists arrive, which you may need to wash the night prior. Confirm the timeline with makeup and hair artists, and brief the bridal party so there is no confusion on who will go first. Test any beauty products before the big day to make sure that no last-minute reactions occur.

Take Time off From Work

If you will not leave straight during your honeymoon, it is best to take an entire week off. In case that is not possible. You should try having at least two days of no work before your rehearsal dinner. For instance, if you will get married on a Sunday, take Thursday and Friday off, and do not work on Saturday.

Talk to Your Hairstylist About Washing Your Hair or Not

You should talk to your hairstylist, but most of them do not like it if you have wet hair and a lot of them do not like freshly washed hair because dirt helps with holding your hair. That does not mean you should have greasy and oily hair, so it is best to wash your hair the day before your wedding. See to it that it is dry, clean but not silky, and it should not be oily like food. You also should not use oil products after washing your hair, do not put mousses, leave in treatments or other styling products that you use. Wear a shirt that opens up, so you will not ruin your hair.

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