Checklist Before You Hire a Tent Rental Company

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Tent Rental Companies

There are many tent rental companies which provide different styles and varieties.  We use tents majorly for parties, weddings, corporate functions and sports event. Before you decide for renting tents, it is highly recommended to visit tent rental companies’ websites and see the type of work they do, the pictures of tents they have put on display and become familiar with their business philosophy. This should create a unique theme for the event and good atmosphere for guests. You need to have a well-planned checklist before signing the deal.  The checklist is critical in planning, it should not overlooked. From the tent size to electrical needs these details should be watched very minutely.

Check list before hiring tent rental company

1. Make sure that your chosen tent rental company has been there for a longer period of time. The brand name and trust company has developed over time will clinch you the best deals.

2. Sales person whom you dealt with should have a sound experience in this field. You might have chosen the best company with good years of experience but if the sales man lacks event management experience, you are simply inviting chaos.

3. Check whether the tent is new or old. Fabrics can become dull or damaged over a period of time.

4. Tents should be neat and clean, do you know why?  This looks like a silly question but you would be surprised as the huge number of tents generally have mold, dirt on them because of lack of time and proper maintenance by the rental company.

5. Tents should be perfectly scrutinized by building and fire inspectors. Smaller tents are not a major concern.  Events are at times not permitted because of a lack of engineering due to the tent.

6. While installation of tents make sure of minor damages.   Discuss your concerns with tent rental company before they get installed.

7. Discuss your payment terms. Most of the party rental companies require you to deposit an advance amount. If you are unfamiliar with the company and the quality of work, you should hold the portion of money till the end.

Planning according to the client requirement, developing a plan and executing is the best they do