Choosing the Right Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations give an impression about you and they should be chosen with a lot of care. However, there is good news because they are now a lot less expensive compared to before. They now come in different looks and styles, too. Most of the time, you get great results that are perfect for your wedding theme and goals. You are going to find below the perfect tips to show you that it is possible to have the right invitation for your big day. This is a consideration aside from the event rentals you will choose.

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Your Wedding Style

Together with the location and time, the invitation, and most importantly its style, hints about your wedding’s formality. You must have an idea of what kind of wedding you want to throw – elegant and classic, relaxed and casual, modern and glam – before you look around. This way, you can choose an invitation that gives the same impression. You can browse invitations to get inspiration, so your station gives an idea of what you want.

The Price Point

When you look at examples, the wedding invitation prices can wildly vary from a few cents per invite up to $50. Therefore, you need to make sure what your budget is when deciding which one to send. That means you will need to decide on the guest list first so that you will know if you need 50 or 250 invites.

Your Colors

Consider your wedding colors too. You might want to include the hues and motif into the invitations and then make sure they are consistent throughout for it to look cohesive. Ivory, white, or cream card stock combined with black or gold font is the classic one for formal invitations, or you can brighten the invites with metallic and colorful fonts, envelopes, paper stock, and liners. You should make sure that it is readable when you choose colors.

The Inserts

The majority of wedding invitations are customizable to almost anything you like, direction cards, RSVP cards, cards where your guests can write their special dietary needs, and others. When you think about how to choose an invitation for your wedding, make sure that you have an idea of what kinds of cards you must include in your paper suite.


Modern wedding parties get a lot of attention and provided that there is a wedding invitation example to match that. If you want a contemporary and chic affair, think of many blacks and whites, with touches of gold, and elegant arrangements. You will want to choose a wedding invitation that is a reflection of your taste.

Size and Shape

The traditional shape is a rectangle, with a 4.5 x 6.25 inches size. However, couples like to channel more modern and playful vibes with scalloped, circular, and square invitations. You should not forget to consider that staying away from the standard size of an envelope can cost more to send. The same goes for extra-large or bulky invites.


Choosing the wording helps people identify who is going to host the event. The wording may not be part of the cost, and sometimes they are. That might mean you might have to spend more on the invitations. In addition, good wording should match the wedding’s mood, theme, and motif. Formal wording means a formal event.

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