Decorating Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

A wedding should focus on celebration of love and not fussing over intricate decorations. Oftenly, couples choose their wedding colors before thinking as how these colors will look when used on a grand scale and what décor seems to be appropriate for the venue and for a particular color scheme. Some of the color combinations make it a challenge for event planners to combine tastefully. There are many decorating ideas for outdoor wedding that adds romance and beauty. The use of linen and décor for weddings , potted plants and pebbles, candles are some of the simple ways to decorate any outdoor wedding.


Create a romantic venue by including extra lights. Candles are one of the simplest ways to add this effect. Keep one votive candle in the center of each table or fill the bowl with water and put some floating candles into it. The sides of the candle holders protect the flame from wind and help to keep the candles burning through the event. You can also buy fire-retardant luminaries to line the aisle with light. The simple lanterns can be placed on the ground to illuminate the walkway.

Tables and Chair Arrangement

Table a chair rentals for wedding play an important role. To give a dramatic look, dress the tables in beautiful linen with silver dinner plates and place napkins orderly. Fill large dishes with red roses using just the flowers as a centerpiece. Keep red votive candles around the centerpieces to add to beauty. Use beautiful chair covers and contrasting color bows wrapped around them.


To make a beautiful and attractive entryway, make a balloon or flower arch over the entryway. Using small potted faux silver trees to line the entry walkway look perfect for a fall or winter wedding. Make a grand entrance with a red carpet and hang silver tea lights from the branches.

Gift Arrangement

Try to keep the things uniform by using same color line and centerpieces on the round tables. Rather than using tables, opt for large, sturdy boxes on the floor, stack them on each other and cover with linen. Keep gifts around the boxes to give a creative look or use a fancy couch to keep the gifts.

Walls Draping

Silk wall draping are popular at wedding and create an intimate environment. So, drape the venue walls in silk fabric and use beautiful colorful lights and other wedding party supplies to create a pleasing look. If you are renting staging and dance floor then use colorful checkerboard instead of black and white checkerboard. Create a festive and fun atmosphere by filling the ceiling with colorful balloons.