Decorating the Tent For Your Wedding

wedding partyEveryone wants a dream wedding, since a wedding is a special day for his or her life when they tie knots with the one you long for and or are in love with. Weddings are either organized indoor or outdoor. The outdoor wedding’s are the ones with the tent placed in an open space or known as the “tent wedding”.

Tented wedding technology has taken off. They were a simple affair earlier, with 4 poles covering the area and the canvas was draped over the poles and framework, but now they are so much more than a simple tent.

Organizing a tent wedding

Careful wedding planning and ideas are required now in a tent wedding to make that “the day” a memorable day for you and the guests to speak about in a positive manner entire life. Now a days, designer’s are hired for creative tent decorations or ideas (trust me, they know their job well then you can actually think of) they can not only create ballrooms in the tent, but also add additional elements alongside of the tent such as a walkway for the bride and bridegrooms, entrances for your guest or the bride or bridegroom, a vestibule or a reception area for welcoming the guest or the waiting room or the makeover room for the bride or the guest while the wedding is still to start.

How to pick the right style and the decoration of the tent?

  • Create a pretty fairy tale look with a pole tent. Drape all the supporting poles with satin or Cotton fabric, hanging chandeliers or lamps from the ceiling of the tent will add the charm.
  • Pick up a clear- top tent under the night sky and decorating it with pots, plants or big statues at the corners will add glamour.
  • Decorate your tent in a Tuscany theme by draping the framework with grape vines and flowers. Projectors can be used for casting images either of the past memories of the couple together or the live telecast of the wedding. A party rental company can do the task efficiently for you.