Different Types of Event Tents

There will be at least one major event in life that you have to prepare or attend to. It may be a wedding, a birthday party, a baptismal reception, and many more. Whether it’s a small or big event, it should be something worth celebrating for. For events such as these, you can hire event rentals companies to make it more special.

When you decide to hold an outdoor event, you should hire tent rentals suppliers. Likewise, table and chair rentals are needed to serve your guests and make them feel comfortable. However, there are different tents to choose from. So, what kind of tent should you choose?

Different tent types

In case you are unaware yet, there are different tent types that will suit your event needs. However, choosing the right tent can be confusing. Here are some tent types you need to know so you can make your decision later on.

Frame Tent

A frame tent uses a metal frame as a support for the tent. It can be installed on different surfaces including soil and concrete. The metal pipes inside the tent are exposed and left to hang as is to provide additional space to hang decorations.

Pole Tent

This type of tent includes poles and wires to support the tent. However, it should be installed into the ground because they won’t work on concrete and other hard surfaces.


This type of tent is originally used by Central Asian nomads travelling through desert and mountains. Recently, it has become popular as an event tent. Event yurts are mostly used for smaller and more intimate events.

Moroccan-themed tent

Instead of the standard white vinyl as main fabric material, this type of tent uses Indian and Moroccan-inspired fabric. It also uses poles to support the tent itself. Additional draping and décor are also added to enhance ambiance.

Carnival Tent

It usually has a red-and-white striped fabric as tent material. It can accommodate larger crowds, although this type of tent can be hard to find.

Tropical-style tent or cabana

It uses light, white fabric installed on wood or bamboo frames. It is suitable for beaches and any tropical-themed event. However, it cannot protect guests from the sun due to the light fabric used.

Transparent tent

This can be ideal for evening outdoor events. It offers protection against outside elements. At the same time, it uses a clear vinyl tent material so you can appreciate the moon and stars above you.

Most party tent rentals and wedding tent rentals offer these kinds of tent options.

Why should you rent an outdoor tent

An event can either be held indoors or outdoors. Each location has its pros and cons. An indoor event is a common event held inside an establishment or building. Everyone including the guests and other personnel will be sheltered from the sun’s heat or sudden rains.

On the other hand, some celebrants prefer celebrating their special moments outdoors. It depends on the preference and theme of the celebration. Likewise, it somewhat offers a pleasant feeling celebrating an event outside the usual four corners of a room. Plus, you won’t have to decorate too much in an outdoor event – the plants, trees, flowers, and everything else will serve as your “natural” backdrop.

Before looking for a tent, you should consider your event needs. How big of a tent do you need? What type of event will I use the tent for? Will it fit the total number of guests? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before looking for tent rentals supplier.

How to clean commercial tents

Cleaning a tent is important to maintain the tent’s overall quality. However, cleaning one can be a hassle. For one, event tents are large that it can take more than one person to handle it. More so, it requires more than just cleaning it with regular cleaning materials. Here are tips to clean an outdoor tent properly:

Avoid cleaning the tent on a non-abrasive surface like concrete.

If you do, it can leave unnoticeable damage that can shorten the tent’s lifespan. If you have no choice, top the surface using a drop cloth to prevent potential damage on the material.

Avoid using commercial washing formulas.

For stains, pre-treat it using a vinyl-friendly solution. Commercial washers can make cleaning easier. However, it can also cause damage to the material if you’re not careful.

Apply proper storage methods.

Make sure that the tent is completely dry before taking it away for storage. Use dehumidifiers to avoid excess moisture.

Find the best event tent supplier near you

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