Essential Outdoor Party Rentals to Make Your Party Amazing

It’s your birthday, graduation or child’s birthday and you are wondering what event rentals you may need. It’s important to ensure that your party is unique and fun. In this article, we tell you the top party rentals that you may need to make your party grand and unforgettable. You need to plan and have a budget because that will make it exciting and hustle free. Work with a party rental company that has a variety of items to ensure you get the best.

Party Rental Essentials that You Need to Make Your Party Amazing

  • Tent Rentals

The tent will keep your guest comfortable whether it’s hot or cold. It’s important to have the right tent and you can hold the event in any weather. There are different kinds of tents and it’s imperative that you choose the right one. Below are some of the tents you can expect to get in the tent rentals company. Work with an expert and choose the one that suits your event

  • Pole Tents

Pole tents have one or more peaks and it’s supported by poles. It’s beautiful and elegant. If you are holding your party in a concrete ground then you can’t use pole tents because they need to be stacked on the ground. Consult the experts in the event rentals company on the best kind of tent for your outdoor party.

  • Frame Tents

Frame tents are supported by a metal frame and it can be set up on most of the solid grounds. The main advantage of the frame tents is that it’s versatile. The exposed metal pipes can be used to hang decorations and lights.

  • Marquee Tent

Marquee borrows the best from the frame and pole tents. They have a free-standing metal frame and a peaked roof.

  • Sail Cloth Tent

The sailcloth tent uses sail cloth material for the outer cover. The poles that the sailcloth material is attached to is made of wood. Sailcloth is translucent and that adds a glow to your event.

  • Clear Tents

Clear tents are made of frames and clear vinyl. It gives your guest a magnificent view while they are protected from the weather.

  • Beach or Tropical-Style Tent

If you are holding your party at the beach, consider using the beach or tropical style tent. The tent is made of translucent fabric and a wooden frame. The tent is mainly used for aesthetic purposes.

  • TeePee tent

The teepee tent has a unique shape and look. They come in different sizes and that makes them ideal for small and large parties.

There are many kinds of tents available and it’s best to speak to the expert at the event rentals company on how to get the best tents and host an amazing party. Choose the right tent for event based on the number of guests expected, your venue, style, and the budget.

Table and Chairs

It’s important to ensure that you get the right chairs and tables for your party. You don’t want your guest to be restless because the chairs are not comfortable. Visit the event rentals company and reserve enough seats for your guests.

Bounce Houses

If you are holding a birthday party for your child, you will need to ensure that they have fun. Bounce houses are safe, and most kids enjoy the jumps. They give the children the freedom to jump around and have fun, and while at it the parents also get to enjoy.

Dance Floors

If your party will run into the night, consider having a dance floor. Stage and dance floor rentals are easy to set up and they will give your guest a chance to enjoy. A dance floor will add fun to your party.


To keep the party going even after sunset makes sure that you have lighting. Make sure all the areas of the party are lit including the parking areas. The right lighting will make your party more enjoyable because your guest can move around even after the sun goes down. The guests are able to find their way even after sunset.

Tips to Help You Make Your Party Amazing

  • Make your party unique by getting unique rental items. You can add items such as art and craft to the kid’s birthday party.
  • Have a guest list so that you can plan accordingly
  • Make sure that the guest will be comfortable in the venue

The right outdoor party tent rentals Northern Virginia will make your birthday party memorable. It’s imperative that you get the right Party tent rentals, chair and table and any other item you need.