Event Décor Ideas: Ideas On The Best Wedding Venues

wedding venue

If you are looking for a wedding venue, here are some of the popular venues that you can go for and a guide on how to decorate them.


This is a traditional venue that has been used for years. Many people prefer doing the wedding in the adjoining church halls as they are more convenient and sentimental. To decorate the hall you need rental chairs that you can easily get from a party rental company. You will also need to rent chair covers.

You should place flowers that match your theme of the wedding on each table. You can place the flowers in a jar or vase.

Country club

Many country clubs are available for weddings and if there is one in your area you should take advantage of them. The cool thing with them is that they are lavish and stylish. They also tend to have staff members that are knowledgeable about wedding planning and decoration thus you will have an easy time having the wedding that you have always dreamt about.

When decorating the venue you should go for medium to low centerpieces. One of the best centerpieces you should go for are flowers. To create a boho or rustic style you should put the flowers in jam jars, fish bowls or mason jars.


In addition to providing you with a relaxed environment, beaches provide you with gorgeous views of the sea. You need to have chairs and rental tables. For an ideal look you should go for party supplies that have a beach theme.

You should place flowers in jars or vases and place them on each table. If the weather is calm, you should use candles in your decorations; however, if it’s windy you should avoid the candles as they will be blown out.


There are many types and sizes of wedding tents that you can go for. You only need to visit a tent rental company. The cool thing with a tent is that it allows you to do your wedding almost anywhere: in an open field, private home, country club and anywhere else you have always wanted to have your big day.

There are some tents that are already decorated while others require you to decorate them. Great ways to decorate the tents include using flowers, floral runners and candles. As rule of thumb you should ensure that they all the decorations compliment the theme of the wedding.