Event Décor Ideas: Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Wedding

event decor ideas

A wedding is a one-time event; therefore, you should create an impression that will last forever. While many people have great event décor ideas for their wedding, studies show that many people make plenty of décor mistakes that result to them not only creating an ugly look, but also lose money. Here are the common décor mistakes and how to avoid them:

Choosing the wrong wedding venue

Weddings are about themes; therefore, you need to ensure that everything has the same color and look from the chairs to the wedding venue. Due to ignorance or tight budgets some couples choose venues that don’t compliment their wedding themes. It’s not uncommon to find couples choosing to do their wedding in a traditional style venue and yet their wedding theme is contemporary. Doing this creates a confused look and regardless of the amount of money that you spend, there is no way that your wedding will impress the guests.

Failing to have a clear wedding theme

While most people know that they should have a theme for their wedding, there are others that ignore it or are literally undecided of what they want. I’m sure you have attended a wedding that has plenty of themes. While having many themes makes the wedding look interesting, it doesn’t give a classy look. For a classy look you need to be clear of the colors and designs that you want in your wedding. It also helps you rent the right items from party rentals. If you are unsure of the party theme that you should go with, you should consult an event manager who will guide you.

Not placing covers on rental chairs and tables

When your visit party rental companies, most of them rent you the chairs and tables together with their covers. There are a few companies that will ask you to pay a small extra fee for the covers. The cool thing with the covers is that they are cheap and improve the appeal of the rental chairs and tables immediately. There are some people that feel that they don’t like them thus remove them which is wrong.

Even if the wedding venue provides you with the standard white table cloth which you may find to be unappealing, you shouldn’t get rid of it. The best way of going about it is adding a runner or overlay to improve the look.


These are the décor mistakes that you should avoid making when decorating your wedding. For high quality wedding party supplies, work with an experienced and reputable party rental company.