Event Décor Ideas: Tips On How To Decorate An Outdoor Wedding Venue

event decor ideas

An outdoor wedding provides you and the guests a relaxed environment. Although, you don’t need to decorate the event much as there are plenty of things that the guests can look at, there a number of wedding decorations that you can use to improve the look of the venue. Some of the things that you can use include:

Party decoration lights

Lights give your wedding venue a romantic glow. Some of the best lights to use are candles. The best way of going about it is using different types of candles. You should place some of the candles the traditional way and others floating. While candles are great decoration materials, they are a fire hazard; therefore, you should be cautious that they don’t fall to the ground.

If you don’t want to use candles, there are plenty of lights such as chandeliers that you can rent from party rentals. If you are having the event in an area that doesn’t have electricity you have to invest in a generator.

Decorating the wedding party with linens

Linens are cheap and you can easily get them from party rental companies. All you have to do is choose the linen color that complements the look of the party. White is the most common color but there is no harm in using any other color as long as it complements your wedding theme. You should place the linens on the party chairs and tables. If you have long sheets of linens place them on the trees and balcony.

Decorating the party using flowers

Even if there are flowers outdoors, you still need a few more. All you need to do is find a sturdy vase that won’t blow over in the wind. You should fill it with a few large flowers that aren’t already available in the surrounding areas. You can use live flowers but if you are operating on a tight budget rent plastic flowers from wedding rentals.

Party pebbles, stones, and balloons

Pebbles and stones have been shown to be great party decoration items. They pick up light adding a romantic twinkle to your wedding venue. If you don’t like them you can use balloons. You should hang balloons on trees and chairs. For an interesting look, use balloons of different colors and shapes.


These are some of the party decorations that you can use in your outdoor wedding. If there are any decoration items that you need to rent, ensure that you rent them from a reputable wedding party supplies company.