Event fabrics bring tents a life

linen and decor for weddings

Create a perfect environment for tented events with textiles but the best combination of fabric, colors and patterns with adequate lightning requires deep knowledge on various elements and availability of adequate party supplies . The color trends are influenced by culture to preferences of a wedding couple. Thus, event fabrics and accessories can be used to create subtle, soothing and vivacious design schemes.

Depth and dimension in tent

Conventional white tent liners still rule the event fabrics. Gathered liners are recommended to create a romantic look atmosphere in weddings and flat liners are advised in corporate events.

Swagging is another popular technique used to smoothen the edges of the tent that helps to create a layered effect. Swags can be white on white or theme colors. Some people want it for their tented event with clear combination to hide the tent structure.

In case of large tents, the services of tent rentals create a striped effect with the help of two fabrics like white cotton twill and jute to give depth and dimension to the event. To hide structural elements like poles, it’s better to use heavy fabrics to create a perfect décor. Sheer textiles are recommended for use to create rooms or open conversation area within a tent.

Use of vibrant color

Some of the brides are requesting bright and bold colors as well. Softer shades like celadon green with ivory, pastes with lace and floral with green creates a soft and elegant effect.

The options in event fabrics are unlimited and make it difficult to choose an event design. Apart from just a color palette, consider the texture, depth, dimension, lighting, structure and occasion to bring event tented event a life.

Make the best table arrangement

Set the table with the use of linen and décor for weddings. Rustic event décor ideas seems to be a trend and some couples consider using runners as nice option to upgrade without any expense on the entire tablecloth. The effects seem to be comfortable and approachable.

If you are looking for table a chair rentals for weddings then round tables are a popular choice. For lounge furniture, use neutral tones in combination with colorful cushions and patterns.

Overall, it takes lot of time to plan your ceremony. To make this special day even more special, pay close attention to everything and spend the money in the right way by relying on a best party rentals and make everything organized.