Factors To Consider When Organizing A Tent Wedding

Tent weddings are great as they allow your guests to enjoy the outdoor weather while at the same time following your wedding. For your wedding to be great and successful, you need to consider a number of factors. These factors include:


Since your guests will be outside, you should go for a location with great scenery. Great sceneries include: beautiful mountains, ocean or a beautiful house. As rule of thumb you should never go for a location with obstructed views.


You don’t have to worry of where to get a tent as there are many tent suppliers in the market. All you need to do is to visit the different companies and request for a quote. Before you enter into a contract with the tent company you should ensure that the company first visits your site and measures the area for any issues including sloped ground and property obstructions.

The company should also review possible land restrictions, property ordinances and research permits that are required for you to hold the event. A good wedding tent rental company should carry liability insurance and be on-site during the entire event in order to ensure that the tent remains intact.


To complete the look you should ensure that you install a good floor in your tent. There are many types of floors that you can go with. Some of the most common ones include: wall-to-wall plywood, plastic and wooden floor.


You should take a minimalistic approach when decorating your tent. One of the most effective things you can do is to drape the tent with tent fabrics and you will convert it into a luxurious event space. Another effective way is hanging chandeliers, Chinese lanterns or upside-down umbrellas.


Just like in any other wedding, lighting is very important. For ideal results, you should stick to amber and “warm” lights in order to create a soft glow. You should avoid blues and greens that can come off looking cold and harsh. If the tent is flame retardant, you should go with candlelight. To light up your tent you only need to rent the lights from a party rental company.