Factors To Consider When Renting Corporate Tents

corporate tent

Corporate tents are ideal for outdoor corporate events and seminars. The type of tent you rent for your corporate event greatly determines the mood and comfort of the guests. There are many factors that you should consider when renting a corporate tent. These factors include:

Size of the tent

The size of the tent that you go for depends on many factors including: the number of people you expect in your event and the arrangement you want for the event. The cool thing is that tents come in different sizes and it’s up to you to choose the right one for your event.

Number of tents

There are no hard rules on the number of tents that you should have in your corporate event. The number solely depends on your sitting arrangement. If you want all the corporate members in one place you should go for one large tent but if you want the staff to sit in different departments, you should have different tents. In addition to having tents where the people will sit, you should also have a tent for the DJ, food, and event speakers. As rule of thumb, ensure that the tents you get from the party rentals are of the same color and design. This is to avoid giving the event a disorganized look

Type of tents

There are three basic types of tents that you can go with: pole, frame, and tension tents. The frame tent is the most popular as it can be setup on any ground. It has frames on all corners that provide support. The main flaw with the tents is that they are small thus can’t hold many people. Tension and pole tents are large thus ideal for large events. Their flaw is that they are expensive to rent from the party rental companies.

Price of the tents

Price is a crucial aspect when you are looking to rent or buy anything, including tents.  Companies renting party tents rent them at different prices and it’s up to you to research and find the companies renting at a price that you are comfortable with. When renting, remember that the larger and the more sophisticated a tent is, the costlier it will be. If you have a small budget, consider holding corporate events offseason as most of the companies rent their tents at a low price at this time.