Glass And Stemware Rentals: Guide To Renting Party Glasses

Glass and Stemware rentals

Are you having an event and need party glasses? You probably need to buy or rent the glasses. Alternatively, you can borrow them from your friends. Hiring is a cheaper option compared to buying new glasses. All you need to do is visit your local glass and stemware rentals. If you choose to rent the glasses for your party, there are few things that you should consider. These things include:

Quality of the glassware

There are many rental companies that you can rent from but few might be having the quality of glasses that you need. Some companies have stained glasses, some might be too tall or too short. Others might be too brittle. To get value for your money, take your time to research and find high quality glasses that are not only durable, thus won’t break during the party, but also look good.

Delivery charges and minimum order from the party rentals

Some rental companies require their clients to hire a minimum number of glasses. Before you settle on a given company ask if there any special requirements. You should note that most of the party rental companies will require you to pay a flat delivery and pick up fee, regardless of the number of items that you order. There are other companies that will deliver and pick up the units for free especially if you rent plenty of them or you are within the local area. These are the companies that you should go for as they will save you plenty of money.

Party rental terms and conditions

Different companies have different requirements related to the hiring of the glassware. Some companies will ask you to clean and rinse the glasses before returning them. Others will work with you to set up and clean the glasses after use. Some of the companies are insured thus won’t require you to replace the glasses when they break. Others are uninsured thus will require you to replace the glasses when they are damaged or get lost. To avoid surprises you should take your time to understand the terms and conditions of the rental company.


If you are wondering where you can rent the rental glasses, there are plenty of places where you can get the information. You should look online, ask recommendations from friends, or check yellow pages for companies or people in the glass hiring business. Always read through the reviews and feedback before making a decision. To have an easy time, work with a reputable party supplies company.