Guide On How To Rent China For An Event

If you are planning a wedding or any other event, you most definitely need to have a few china rental items. The cool thing is that there are many rental companies providing the service.

Guide on saving money

Money is of great importance when you are planning any event and it should be your mission to save as much as you can. One of the most effective money saving ways is shopping around before making your decision. As rule of thumb you should never rent from the first rental company that you come across—you should walk around and see what different companies have to offer.

If you are working with a caterer, you should ask him/her where he/she is planning of renting the china items from. Renting other items such as chairs, tables and tablecloths from the same company will save you a lot of money as you stand to attract great discounts.

If your budget is too tight such that you can afford china rentals, you should consider renting plastic plates. If you opt for this option, there are many china supply stores that you can visit and find great plastic plates with beautiful designs that are as elegant as china.

Points to note

When you rent china, you should be very cautious when handling them. Remember that they easily break thus you need to be gentle when serving food and washing.

Remember that the party rental company will charge you for every plate that you break. To ensure that you don’t pay for a plate that you didn’t break, you should thoroughly inspect the plates when they are delivered by the rental company. If you notice any broken china or a minor mishap, you should report it immediately.

Different companies have different policies. For example, there are some that require you to return the china items clean while others don’t require you to clean them.

If the company you are working with requires you to clean the plates, you should clean and thoroughly rinse them to avoid being charged extra labor fees for some of the food that might have dried on the plates.


To give your party an elegant appeal you should rent high quality china items. This calls for you to work with a high quality and experienced china rental company. To avoid unnecessary fees you should work according to the policies of the rental company.