Guide To Glass And Stemware Rentals

glass and stemware rentals

Planning a party can be extremely stressful. You have to think about everything from the guest list, to the food, to how the party cleanup is going to be handled. This is where renting things like party glasses from glass and stemware rentals come in handy and will make your life easier.

If you’re thinking about renting party glasses, whether it be because the venue doesn’t offer them or you don’t want to be stuck cleaning them afterward, then here is what you need to know.

Find a Good Company

Do some light research online and find a company that does a wide range of rentals. During your research, make sure you look at where they’re located. I would recommend choosing a company closer to where your venue is versus close to where you live, unless your home and venue are one in the same. This is because of the simple fact that you will be transporting the party glasses from the party rentals to the venue and you’re not very likely to go home in between.

Picking a company with good reviews that is close to where your venue is located will cut down on commute time so you can focus on other important party aspects.

Check the Pricing

Do some research on the different prices out there. The average cost of a party glass, whether they be wine glasses, water glasses, etc, is 60 cents each. Making sure you shop around to find the best price option for you will help in keeping you on budget for your party, that is if you have a budget.

Check the Return Time

This is very important when thinking about your busy schedule with planning your party. Some questions you should ask include:

  • When can you pick up the party glasses?
  • When do you have to return them?
  • Do they charge a late fee if you can’t return them in time?

Make sure you are aware of these factors, so you’re not stressing about timelines. Getting your party glasses to your venue approximately two-hours before your party starts tends to be fine. This way you have time to put them on the tables or to set the bartenders up to have a successful night.

When it comes to bringing them back, make sure you don’t have to do it first thing the next morning. Some party supplies companies will give you until mid-afternoon or even the end of the next day if you’re lucky. Try to find the latest time, so you’re not rushing the next day, or having to seek to recruit someone to make the trip for you.