Guide To Renting party Chairs

party chairs

When you have any occasion, and you don’t have enough party chairs you don’t have to worry as you can always rent them from your local party rental company.

Guide to renting the different units

The type of chairs you rent depends on the occasion you are having. To rent the right units, you need to consider some tips:

Wedding chairs: People attend weddings to have a good time; therefore, you should ensure that you go with comfortable chairs. The units should have a high-quality cushion. If you have to rent wooden chairs, rent chairs coated with high-quality polyurethane and finished with a clear lacquer varnish.

Ensure that the seat and back have a full support to provide the guest with as most support as possible. Some of the best wedding chairs that you should consider going for include: Chiavari, folding, Tiffany, and banquet.

Holiday parties: Most people have their holiday parties in their backyard and image isn’t of much importance. Due to this, there would be no problem renting plastic chairs. You should also consider going for bar stools, lightweight folding chairs, and many others.

Picnic: Most people don’t go to picnics in droves, but if this is the case with you, you should rent chairs enough for everyone. Since you will most likely be carrying the chairs, you should avoid the big ones. The best ones to go for are the lightweight plastic chairs. You will also be better off with any folding chairs. In addition to seats, you will also need simple tables. Arrange the units in such a way that you allow the guests to mingle easily.

Tips to consider when renting chairs

Regardless of the type of seats you are looking to rent, ensure that it’s of high quality. This is of grave importance when having a wedding or any other formal party. To get the high-quality units you should rent them from popular party rentals.

You should note that most of the high quality rental companies are often over booked; therefore, you should book the seats early enough. To avoid inconveniences, book the chairs at least two months before the party.

In addition to ensuring that the chairs are of good quality, also pay close attention to their return policy. It’s common for the units to get damaged. Before you sign the rental contract, understand the return policy in the event the units are destroyed.