Guide To Renting Party Tents

Bistro Lights Strung Back and Forth Across Tent at 8′ Height

If you are planning an outdoor event you need a gazebo for your guests. If you live in a windy area, you need to have a gazebo for windy areas. To hire the right tent you need to consider a number of factors:


How many guests will be attending the party? If only 20 people will be attending the party there is no reason for spending money hiring a large tent. If you aren’t sure of the exact number, but you have invited a large number of people it’s always wise to hire a tent that will accommodate a slightly larger number of people than you are expecting.

Quality of the tent

If you are looking for a corporate or wedding tent you need a high quality tent. It should not only be good to look at, it should also be made from high quality material. If you are having the event during the rainy or windy season, you should carefully go through it to ensure that there are no holes. The material should be tough such that it can’t be torn by wind.


There are many other accessories that go with the party tent. When having a large event, you need power for the band, lighting and catering. You should ask the party rental company about power. Any good rental company will send you a licensed and experienced electrician to connect power to your tent at no extra charge.

If having a wedding, you need wedding decorations. Many reputable party rentals have decorations that they rent at a small fee.

To save money and attract great discounts, it’s always wise that you get party tables and chairs from the same company that you rent the party tent.


Different tent rental companies have different prices. If you do your research you will find that the prices differ by only a small margin. There are some companies that charge a high price, but offer you many services such as the sound system, kitchen cutlery and staff to put up, decorate and put down the tent.

It’s human nature to go for cheap services, but always remember that cheap is always expensive. If you come across a party rental company providing a tent for a very small fee, you should be very cautious as the company might not give you the service that you deserve.

You should also be cautious of a company that provides the tent for a very high price. The company might be trying to rip you off.

To be safe go for a company charging an average fee.