Here Is How Plan Your Wedding Reception Layout

The layout of the wedding reception is just as important as planning an entire wedding ceremony. It will ensure a smooth flow of events and a relaxing or fun vibe for the guests. Your wedding tent rentals and wedding planner can help you out in this. That being said, here are some awesome tips that are going to help you plan your wedding reception layout and seating plan.

Divide The Floor Into Chunks

If you want to initially figure out what the flooring will look like at your wedding reception, but don’t want to spend too much time and effort, then you can take a look at your venue and divide it into manageable chunks. These chunks will include the dance floor, the refreshments setup, table arrangements, etc.

This tip is going to give you a rough idea as to what your venue can cover and whether it’s too big or small to hold your wedding reception.

The Dance Floor Placement

The dance floor is probably one of the most important things to think about, after seating arrangement. You need to have plenty of space for a dance floor and the general rule of thumb that’s followed is to have a dance floor that can occupy almost half of the guests you’re inviting.

So, whatever the number of guests is, divide it by two, and that’s the capacity or the size of the dance floor you’ll need for your reception.

Seating According To Priority

The most crucial part of a wedding reception is the seating. You need to think things through for a bit before you decide how you’re going to have all of the guests seated. One of the best things that you can do is to have the seating arrangement done according to priority and visibility.

First of all, the bride and groom’s family will need to be seated as close to the dance floor and the couple as possible so that they have clear visibility of everything and everyone else and go around this perimeter. This is going to ensure that you make do with the available space and it’s not going to be cluttered at all.

Have Enough Space

You don’t need to fill every square inch of space with seats and tables. Keep in mind that you also want to have enough space for the people to freely walk around without having to bump into things or people along the way.

This is why choosing a relatively big venue for your wedding reception is important because at the end of the day, space surpasses everything and it’s going to be an immediate factor that’s going to make or break your reception.

Cover The Perimeter First

If you want to keep all of the necessary things in your wedding reception, but don’t want to get it crowded, then this tip is a great one to follow. Your wedding reception usually has a perimeter or a border that’s going to define the boundaries of your venue. Use this perimeter to your advantage and have all of the miscellaneous things set up there.

The perimeter won’t look as sad and boring, and you will have everything set to the side so that people have ample walking space in the middle of the reception venue where things like the dance floor and tables and chairs can be easily placed.

Keep The Entryway Clear

This is a very important tip to remember because you don’t want your wedding reception to look undone by any means. You need to keep the entryway for your reception clear and free from any obstructions. This is going to be the first place from where people will enter the reception premises and you want to set a good scene up for them so that they are pleasantly surprised and can walk around without any major obstacles.

Keeping the entryway clear will also give the guests a clear view of the entire reception and it’s a treat for the eyes to say the least.

Selecting The Furniture

The next most crucial thing to go over is the type of tables and chairs that are needed for the guests to comfortably sit on. Stick with a certain type of table and chair design if you want your wedding to look more coherent and less haphazard.

There are plenty of styles and designs to choose from, but your main priority should be comfort and the general size of the furniture, so that everything fits effortlessly in your wedding reception venue like a jigsaw puzzle.

A Circular Arrangement

One of the best wedding reception layouts is a concentric circular arrangement of seats and tables around the dance floor. This layout can be visible through a bird’s eye view and it looks extremely beautiful and it saves a lot of space as well.

In this simple yet smart layout, the dance floor is the central part of each circle and the tables and chairs are arranged in a way that surround the dance floor in a circular arrangement.

You can also go for different shapes like square and rectangular arrangements, but something about a circular arrangement is just so subtle yet mesmerizing and, not to mention, this layout also allows clear visibility of the entire reception no matter where you’re seated.

The Size Of The Refreshment Area

A refreshment area is also an important addition to your wedding reception and it’s a good place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the reception and enjoy a refreshing drink or two.

Now, a lot of the time, people can opt for a pretty big refreshment area and while that’s okay when venues are larger, you need to be smart with how you use your space. The best size of a wedding refreshment area is something that can accommodate about 100 people at a time. That’s more than enough.

Avoid Clutter

It’s a good idea to look at different seating options because you’ll find something that can accommodate a lot of guests without having to drastically increase the number of furniture in the first place. This is important to think about because the last thing you want is to create unnecessary clutter in the reception venue.

Try to think logically and have the furniture placed in such a way that’s going to minimize overlapping of different articles like furniture and rugs, tables and food setup, etc. This tip is going to make your venue look like a dream.

Where Will You Be Seated?

You need to think about where you’ll be seated as a couple. Usually, the bride and groom will have a central table and surrounding them will be the immediate family and friends, and around them will be the rest of the guest list.

Since the bride and groom are the star-studded attraction of the show, the seating arrangement for them must be topnotch and central, so that everyone can get a good look at the couple. Somewhere near the dance floor and tables is good.


You need to be meticulous about the way your wedding layout is spread out because it will not only look symmetrical, but pictures will do justice as well. Discuss the layout of your wedding reception with the rentals when selecting wedding tent rental packages Frederick.