Here’s a Challenge: How to Promote an Event Without Using Social Media

Social media has been a major part of our lives whether for personal or business purposes. Popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have paved the way for changing how we communicate with each other. For one thing, these social media platforms made people more expressive with their thoughts and views about issues. These also helped reach more people wherever and whenever they are.

Social media has also helped a lot in promoting various events. May it be an upcoming wedding, conferences, or a music concert, companies and organizations were able to reach their goals with the help of these popular social media platforms. At the same time, event rentals, staging and dance floor rentals, and other similar suppliers are able to promote their businesses via social media.

Having said those, it can be challenging nowadays to do business without the help of social media. One of the main goals of business owners is to reach their target audience and encourage engagement. These objectives can be easily achieved with a few clicks and setting adjustments. But what if social media has not been invented at all?

Why social media is a popular marketing tool for businesses

The majority of businesses nowadays have their own social media accounts. Having one is basically an important part of most business plans. Whether it’s party rentals or any big or small companies out there, creating a social media account to achieve business goals is a must.

There are many reasons why your business might need a social media account. For one, such platforms can connect you to your target customers. It also helps in leveraging your brand, encourage customer engagement, and lead to purchase. Just imagine the mileage your brand will experience even with just one percent of the total 3 billion social media users (that’s already 3 million users, by the way).

Here are some other reasons why a lot of businesses nowadays take advantage of social media use.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Lets customers experience you as a brand through engaging posts and customer interaction
  • A cost-efficient way of promoting your brand
  • Wider mileage

Event organizers, tent rentals, and other event suppliers are also able to promote upcoming events to interested viewers. That is why a lot of businesses would say that the birth of social media is indeed a blessing.

What if there are no social media?

Now, here is the dreaded question: how can businesses do business without social media? Is that even possible, you might ask.

What if social media never existed? What if Mark Zuckerburg decided to shut down Facebook and Instagram? As mentioned, a lot of businesses, whether big or small, heavily depended on social media to reach their target audience.

Even if event companies including table and chair rentals have a separate website, the majority of online traffic may come from social media. That said, it can be a major hit among brands if social media becomes inexistent at this point.

However, not all marketing experts believe that social media makes the world – the business world, that is – go round. According to Michael Glauser, Clark Center for Entrepreneurship’s Executive Director, a lot of companies still use a mix of online and offline marketing activities.

Creative ways on event promotions offline

In other words, promoting an event or a business even without social media is still possible. There are still ways to promote your party rentals business without having to rely on social media. Here are some of them.

Go back to the basics.

Print advertising is still in. Make sure to target the right people. If it is a local event, make sure to send invites to those within that vicinity. Billboards are still effective, and so is traditional public relation stunts and word of mouth.

Collaborate with other businesses.

You can talk with other local businesses that can help you promote the event or business. They can help in distributing print ads or brochures to their customers as well. As a token of appreciation, you can give the other business free invites or VIP seats for your event.

Maximize your website.

If you have a website, use it to your advantage. Keep it updated and post engaging content and upcoming events. Make sure to make your website user-friendly, too.

Finding reliable event suppliers near you

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