How Do I Not Go Over My Wedding Budget?

Everyone will agree that most couples tend to go a tad bit (a lot) over budget when it’s their wedding. They take “you only marry once” very seriously. However, this can turn into a domino effect of miscalculations and worst decisions ever. You will need to hire a venue and wedding tent rentals so make these decisions wisely because they are two of the biggest expenses of a wedding. Therefore, if you don’t want to be that person who’s left with an empty wallet after the wedding, then here are some things to remember.

Stick To A Budget

The most important, yet repetitive, thing that a lot of people will tell you is that you should have a budget. So, why is it that almost 90% of couples fail to follow this tip? For starters, they don’t know how to. Having a budget is one thing, but staying within that bracket is where all of the struggle is consumed.

Couples can have a “whatever” attitude, if things stray a bit out of line. However, those couple of extra dollars can pile high into an amount that will have you gaping. This is why it’s recommended to be almost strict with your budget. However, it is crucial to be realistic with the budget as well. You know that you can’t get a $50 wedding dress from anywhere, so you need to keep a middle range for everything.

Don’t Use Credit Cards

Something about using credit cards is very relieving, especially when you’re out buying stuff for your wedding. Credit cards are a very smart and sneaky buying tactic because they use the mental mechanism of “if you can’t see the money, then there’s enough for spending”. This is a very bad habit of overspending and if you look at the numbers, then most people tend to overspend or go over their budget because they’re not using cash.

So, if you use cash, then you can see the bills getting lower and lower in quantity with each purchase. This will compel you to stop and think about what you’re spending on and if things are worth the price. So, always use cash, whenever you’re making big purchases and you’ll have a sharp eye on all expenses.

Choose The Day Wisely

This is also something where a lot of money is spent. Venues can vary in fares depending on the season as well as the day. You need to be smart and do some research as to which season would be better for your hitch day.

According to a lot of venue managers, they experience a lesser influx of people during the winter months except December. So, they’re forced to bring their prices down as well, just to stay in competition. So, this is your ticket to host your wedding in winter.

Get Digital With Invitations

Traditional invitations are great and all, but the postal charges can shoot through the roof, especially if you’re mass-delivering them. If you don’t want to give away your money on delivery fees, then it’s best if you take advantage of digital media like email and instant messaging.

You can easily send out invitations digitally to anyone in the world and it won’t cost you a dime. So, will you ever go back to sending out invitations normally? You probably know the answer.

Thrift A Dress

Wedding dresses are a very expensive splurge and wedding boutiques take advantage of this fact. This is what keeps the business alive to be fair. But if you’re smart and think with an open and calm mind, then you also wouldn’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a wedding dress.

This is not to say that you can’t get a wedding dress at all, rather you should be smart about where you get it from. Thrift stores and bridal stores usually have amazing sales and they sell wedding dresses for almost a fraction of the actual cost. So, hit those stores too and see if you can find something.

Why Not Weekdays?

A lot of people will choose weekends, specifically Saturdays, as the day for their wedding ceremony. If you didn’t know this already, weekends are extremely overbooked and expensive, and the experience just won’t be the same. This is why you need to think outside of the weekend box and go for days like Wednesday and Thursday.

You might argue that a lot of people might not be able to make it because of work but think of it this way: If your wedding is important to people, then they will take time out.

Use Your Negotiation Skills

Negotiations can get you some of the greatest deals ever, especially when you’re finalizing the venue and setting the price for catering, decorations, and other vendors. Your negotiation skills don’t care what’s written on a piece of paper. If you think that you can persuade the management to seal the deal, then it doesn’t hurt to take that leap.

Usually, venue management and even vendors will understand and they will meet you somewhere in the middle. Let’s be real: if negotiations weren’t a thing, then venues would have been out of business.

Use Venue Perks

If you’re opting for an elaborate venue and reception area, then the management will also offer you perks like décor, coverage of linen and tablecloths, and even things like complimentary refreshments or a bridal suite for the couple.

However, these things won’t be disclosed straight up. You will have to ask about any complimentary deals and then you can get an idea if the venue you’re going for is even offering anything or not. You want to choose a venue that offers you services since you’re spending so much already.

Craft The Décor

Ready-made décor articles like wedding-themed décor can run pretty expensive and that’s not something you want to spend your money on. Rather than wasting your money, go for a DIY wedding décor.

How hard can it be to make your own flower arrangements and wedding props? The answer: Not hard at all.

You can craft your décor and don’t even think about them not being perfect. No one tends to look at wedding décor anyway and they’re just fillers for the background, so why not save your money? Remember, it’s your wedding and you can play by your own rules.

Overdoing With Flowers – A Big No

Flowers are also another expensive purchase that gets wasted instantly. Fresh flowers are perishable and they’re expensive because of their availability, seasonal prices, and demand. So, kick all of these worries to the curb and go for imitation flowers. They’re way less expensive, they won’t get ruined and the best part is that you can use them over and over again for your parties later.

If you want to go with fresh flowers, then you can, but try to be mindful of the quantity because all of them will ultimately go to waste.


Being on a budget is not only smart, but it can also change your perspective about weddings expenses as well. Think and spend mindfully according to the budget you have set. Choose from various wedding rental packages Damascus MD as they can help you save money.