How the Events Industry Can Handle the Threat of the COVID-19 Virus

The recent threat of the 2019-nCoV has already become a global epidemic ever since it was first discovered around late December of last year. In China alone, where the virus originated, more than 1,770 people have already succumbed due to this highly-infectious and deadly virus. Worldwide, the 2019 nCov virus has already infected more than 70,000 individuals – and counting.

Due to the serious impact of this frightening virus, the global health experts advised the public to wash hands frequently, wear face masks when necessary, and stay away from crowds. Some countries have already restricted entry of individuals who were arriving from countries with confirmed cases of the 2019 nCov.

Unfortunately, it created a major impact on event rentals and corporate tent rentals companies as well. In fact, countless public events all over the world have been canceled here and there for the public’s health and safety. Indeed, the COVID-19 as it is now officially called shook the world in a frightening way.

How it can impact the business sector

The deadly virus has become a global epidemic that not only affected millions of individuals (directly and indirectly alike) but also millions of businesses. For example, factories, offices, and retail stores in China shut down indefinitely due to the virus. A lot of companies also restricted their employees from traveling locally and abroad.

Not only companies in China shut down their corporate offices but in other countries including Taiwan and Hong Kong. Some may have already reopened, while others remained closed indefinitely. More than 50 airlines all over the world imposed travel restrictions in China and in other countries with confirmed COVID-19 cases.

If in case the person traveled or has plans to travel in countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19, he or she needs to self-quarantine for two weeks. This means it can affect the employee’s productivity rate unless he or she can work at home. Otherwise, it can affect attendance count and workload endorsements.

Business experts also advised on manufacturing and production shortages and delays in deliveries and product launches. This means it will also greatly impact the e-commerce industry. Expect canceled orders and delayed package deliveries especially those manufactured or supplied from Chinese factories.

Impact on the events industry

The events management industry has also felt the devastating impact of the COVID-19 virus. Countless clients have no choice but to either postpone or cancel their contracts with outdoor party rentals, corporate tent rentals, and other events management companies.

For example, global tech companies such as Sony, Ericsson, and LG Electronics have reportedly pulled out from the Mobile World Congress, which eventually canceled. Likewise, Huawei reportedly postponed its upcoming conference until the last week of March. These are only some instances where several event engagements have to be postponed or canceled due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus.

How events companies can lessen the risk of the virus

Given the abovementioned reports of event cancellations by major brands, there is no denying the impact of COVID-19/2019 nCov virus on the majority of businesses. At the same time, it has impacted events and travel industries. However, this doesn’t mean event planners have to wait out and compromise their jobs until the global health threat subsides.

In fact, global health experts and government agencies have taken the next step to address the issue before it spreads further. For example, several airports all over the world implement passenger screenings with the use of thermal cameras to detect body temperature.

As for party rentals and tent rentals owners, there are still ways to protect your customers without compromising the entire business due to health and safety concerns. Here are some tips event planners and suppliers should do for the sake of their clients’ safety.

  • Put alcohol near the entrance and exit points, in restrooms, and in other visible spots within the event area. Or at least, make sure that every restroom has running water and hand soap.
  • Implement screening measures on oncoming attendees (ex. using a thermal camera/gun) to ensure that they don’t have any signs of a fever.
  • Encourage guests to use masks when necessary.

Ensuring everyone’s safety

It is up to the event organizers to postpone or cancel any upcoming events for the welfare of their guests. The ongoing global epidemic has indeed affected the business world and the events management industry including party rentals in Maryland. Still, it is important for owners to implement safety measures without compromising their business.