How To Book The Right Venue For Your Event?

So, you’re planning to host an event? Well, you’re going to need a venue for it and if you want to find the perfect place to host your event along with the right party rentals, then these tips will help you out a lot.

Think Of The Space

First and foremost, you need to figure out the number of people who are going to be attending the event. Corporate or network events are usually large-scale, so you need to get a decent-sized venue for them too. The last thing you want is to get a venue that doesn’t occupy all of the guests, and you are left in an awkward and embarrassing situation.

So, before deciding on a venue, make sure that you know the capacity of the place, as well as the number of people in attendance. This is going to make things a lot easier for you.

Location Matters

The location of the venue may be pretty easily neglected, but you want to make sure that you’re keeping it in mind. It’s not as important as other things, but a good location will definitely have its own perks.

It won’t hurt if the venue is located in a safe and spacious area, where there are wide roads and easy access. The general surrounding of the venue is also something that you can consider.

Basic Services

Let’s face it; if you ever go to an event and there’s no basic facility like security or parking, then it definitely puts a bad taste in your mouth and you don’t ever want to experience that again. Well, now it’s your time to host an event and you don’t want your guests and attendees to go through the same turmoil.

So, it’s better if you go for a venue which has basic things like ample parking as well as a good and secure location. It will give the guests peace of mind and they will attend the event without any worries in the back of their minds. This is going to be something the guests will appreciate.

Additional Perks & Amenities

When scouting out the perfect venue for your event, you want to make sure that you’re getting a good deal in every way. If you’re hosting a big event, it’s highly likely that you will get additional perks, like access to the kitchen for catering, complimentary decoration from the venue management as well as VIP entrance areas for the guests.

This can be a great boost for you because it adds to the experience and everyone will appreciate that bit of extra care. So, if you can, try to find out special deals for big events and see what you can get your hands on, to make your event just that much better.

Keep The Date In Mind

The date of the event is very important to keep in mind. This is why you should set a date, which is not super busy, otherwise, your business event will not go as smoothly as you would like and there also might be a huge difference in the service from the venue management.

You want to also confirm the availability of the event date with different venue companies because the last thing you want is to have the venue management decline availability, and you definitely want to have other backup options.

When To Book The Venue?

This is more like a planning-ahead tip, but it will still have a positive impact on your event if you’re on top of things. You want to book your venue for the event about 4 to 5 months in advance. This might sound like a huge time period to be booking a venue for your event, but it’s not.

Believe it or not, companies will book their events about 7 to 8 months prior, to ensure that their event dates are available and there’s no chance of decline. If you slack and leave the booking of the venue for the last, then you will be faced with a lot of problems and circumstances, which can’t be fixed on short notice.

In the meantime, you can arrange other things for your event, like how you want the place to be decorated, whether you want to add a multimedia system or not, the food, networking with the guests who will make an appearance in your event, and all that jazz. As you get on with the planning, you will realize that time is of the essence.

The Layout Of The Venue

The layout of the venue is also very important to keep in mind. A lot of the time, you can visit the venue before booking it and this is going to give you a good visual idea as to how your event will take place.

The general layout of the venue should be open and spacious and the place also should have good acoustics, so that everyone can hear you, and other people who are speaking, clearly. So, taking a tour of the venue before booking it, can really set things into perspective for you.

Getting An Official Contract

Booking a venue for events is very tedious and you need to be on top of things. Now that you’ve finally decided on a venue and you want to book it for your event date, it’s better to ask for a contract to be drafted, because you want all of the details on there, for your own memory and the fact that the booking is legit.

You will also need to pay some money upfront, as an advance and then your remaining balance and details will be quoted on the contract.

The Ambience

The ambiance also plays an important role in how your event is going to go, and the right venue is going to help you out a lot in this case. You want to ensure that the guests will have a good time during the entirety of the event, so try to make the venue look and feel as welcoming as you possibly can.

The overall atmosphere of the event should be chill and very relaxed and, believe it or not, the venue will play a huge role in making that happen. Having the venue decorated in a specific way, having soft music in the background and other things can really set the ambiance.

Go For Practicality

Last but not least, you want to go for a venue that is not only beautiful but also practical. You want to make sure that you can have access to mobile service in the venue and it won’t hurt if there is multimedia and a large projection screen already set up and ready to go for different speakers of the event.

If you want, you can also take advantage of modern technology in the event, and have electronic passes at the entrance.


Booking a venue is not as easy as everyone makes it to be. There are a lot of things that go into consideration so that you can get the best deal for the money you’re paying. Make sure you ask them the venue will arrange event rentals Northern VA or you would need to hire one by your own.