How to Choose a Wedding Officiant

The officiant is important to any wedding. They are going to lead the ceremony, which includes vows, and they set the tone for your marriage. Your officiant is in charge of making sure that you check everything so you can make sure that your wedding is legal. You can recruit a good one, but it is essential, but how are you going to make the excellent choice for you both?

It is easy to find staging and dancefloor rentals, but you choosing an officiant can be challenging when you do not know what to look for. Let this article guide you in finding the perfect officiant for your wedding. Read on to find out more.

Average Cost of Wedding Officiants

Sometimes, people get lost in the party planning aspect of the wedding. There is a lot to cover – from choosing a wedding venue to renting the correct furniture – of course, the logistics need a lot of attention. No one in the “wedding business” wants the planning to interrupt the bride and groom enjoying their big day.

During wedding planning, you should remember that regardless of how much fun the party is, the ceremony is the reason why everything is happening.


In general, a celebrant is someone who performs secular or religious ceremonies for marriage. A celebrant could be an ordained member of the clergy, a professional secular officiant or even a legal official like a judge.

Religious Officiant

A religious officiant is the best option if you are both part of a specific church group or religious organization. You would also want a religious officiant if you want to get married in a place of worship. A clergy member is perfect if you want a more traditional ceremony. That is because the majority of mainstream celebrants will not move away from traditional ceremonies.

Interview the Officiant

If you choose a professional to officiate your wedding, you should interview everyone you are considering. Hearing their voice is important, but it is also important to make sure you are relaxed in their presence. The couple should be relaxed and be themselves. People love to hear about how a couple met and what is important to them. If the officiant has enough experience, they will know the right questions to ask. Couples normally reveal what is essential to them without saying it directly.

Your officiant should be on the same page as you on what your wedding ceremony looks like. For instance, if you do not want them to mention anything about religion, you want a spiritual leader instead.

Preparation and Timing

It is a huge deal for someone to be asked to perform your wedding. You want to make sure that the person has the physical and emotional energy to be there and in the moment. All the events that lead up to your wedding should also have the officiant involved. You have to think twice before you ask a friend who is notoriously swamped with work. It might be hurtful for those involved to have to change your choice.

Timing is an important tool that will help the officiant give you the wedding you want. You should try giving these to them:

  • Time to learn about the intricacies of your wedding; what you like and dislike when it comes to ceremonies.
  • They should hear your stories.
  • Meet your families if they have not done that already.
  • Get to know you both.

Once you have chosen an officiant, you can contact wedding tent rentals Damascus MD so you can have the wedding you want.