How to Choose Your Wedding Bouquet

Beauty is among the details and your bouquet is one of the things that you should never overlook. Even if it seems simple, a flower bouquet is more than just flowers tied together that you will fold for a day. Actually, wedding bouquets are a centuries-old tradition that symbolizes fertility and luck, and the bouquet toss is for spreading that luck to other people. Today, the wedding bouquet is a form of self-expression and an important bridal accessory that brings together your outfit and wedding theme.

Your bouquet is as important as finding the right event rentals that will make your wedding day perfect. This is something you should really think about. Read on to learn more.

Determine Your Color Palette

Normally, the time when you choose your bouquet is also when you choose your wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dress, but you might want to consider what your color palette is for your entire event. Your color palette includes all the shades you want with your décor from pew ends and arch decorations for the entire ceremony, through to linen and centerpieces. Even if you choose to stick to white and fresh green with some sage, or purples and mauve, having a defined color palette will help you choose a bouquet.

The Special Meaning of Bouquets

Even if it sounds sentimental, a flower bouquet is filled with personal meanings and it reminds you of a moment that you will remember forever. Your wedding is among the most crucial celebrations you will encounter in life, and you want every detail to be perfect. What is more perfect than a lovely wedding bouquet loaded with great memories? In case your fiancé gave you a bouquet of lilies when he proposed to you, having lilies in your bouquet will remind you of the day you said “yes” to his proposal. You can also choose flowers that are meaningful and close to your heart. For instance, you might want a relationship that is pure and sincere. You can also choose flowers with special meanings close to your heart. For example, you might wish for your relationship to have sincere and pure love. After that, you can combine the baby’s breath and roses in order to convey the meaning.

Size and Shape of the Bouquet

If you are aware of how other couples use wedding planning apps so they can come up with the best look for a wedding, it might not be a bad idea when you think about it.

Small bouquets like nosegay or posy are going to look better if you have a petite size because they will not overwhelm you. If you are a tall person, you can choose a voluminous bouquet and one that is long enough to show off any figure without taking away its significance. Your height is best represented if you consider a full-round or cascading arrangement. Large bouquets are a fine choice if you are big. Longer bouquets are for people who are leaner and narrower.

Choose Flowers are In Season

The availability of specific flowers varies from one season to season. You can save a lot of money if you buy flowers during the wedding season. You have to consider incorporating the most stylish and appropriate blossoms of the season into your bouquet by consulting with florists. You might also want to choose flowers and the emotions you will experience during your wedding. However, you should not try to compromise aesthetics.

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