How to Create Contingency Plans For Events

Planning for any event requires extensive planning and attention to details to ensure its success. Otherwise, it can lead to a disastrous outcome. While small issues may appear before and during an event, it is also important to address those concerns and create action steps in case those instances happen. Whether choosing a supplier for tent rentals or among available event rentals companies, careful planning is crucial not only for events but also in other aspects of life in general.

The importance of contingency plans

We are not born perfect – we all have our own flaws. However, it is a matter of how you will handle those flaws and use it to improve ourselves. The same may also apply to event planning.

At some point, some events may encounter problems along the way, whether minor or major. In such cases, having a contingency plan should be included in every events. Not just events, but also in other aspects of business and even in our personal lives.

But those mishaps should not discourage you to discontinue an important event. Instead, it should be a lesson so you won’t commit the same event mistakes – whether big or small – again.

Just imagine how catastrophic an event can be if there is no contingency plan. If for example the party tent rentals supplier suddenly backed out at the last minute and you have no other suppliers to replace the original one, how are you going to handle the situation? Sure enough, it can be stressful and can lead to the event cancellation in worst cases.

Professional events planners should already have an idea of the common event mishaps that they usually encounter. They should ensure it won’t happen in future events, given that they have been in the business for many years. However, clients should also be aware of these unfortunate situations and should coordinate with their suppliers to ensure that the event goes as smoothly as possible.

Common event mishaps

Some event mishaps may be unpredictable (ex. tornadoes, earthquakes, or other unexpected natural disasters). On the other hand, some may have happened a lot of times already that event owners should be able to expect it. Among common event mishaps that usually happen include the following:

Audio/technical problems

There are possible reasons why technical problems happen. It may be due to faulty wiring, defective components, or mishandled equipment. Having technical and audio problems can be a major problem especially if it involves hundreds or thousands of attendees and a large venue.

Suppliers arrive late or cancel at the last minute

It can be stressful when you learn that your outdoor party rentals or table and chair rentals suppliers encountered a problem and won’t be able to make to the event. It may sound unprofessional but these happen in real life.

Late VIPs

Invited hosts and other important event guests often come up late in the event due to personal reasons. Add to that are impatient audiences which can also be a cause of stress for event organizers.

Uncooperative weather

Some events are held outdoors, hence considering outdoor party rentals or availing wedding tent rental packages. But sometimes, the weather may not cooperate with you. One moment, the sun is shining bright. The next thing you know, rain clouds are looming and threatening to drench your outdoor event venue.

How to solve common event mishaps

The above instances are only some of the most common event mishaps which may have already happened countless times. However, you can remedy these event disasters by having a contingency plan. Here are some tips to avoid these common event mishaps.

  • Ensure to have a back-up sound and other technical equipment. Make sure to include personnel with technical expertise in the said field.
  • Consider having a backup speaker or a prepared presentation related to the topic, just in case the VIP or a keynote speaker cancels at the last minute.
  • Keep the attendees entertained. It is important to have well-articulated event hosts that can make the event lively and engaging while waiting for the VIP guest.
  • Make sure to have all contact details of all suppliers in case something comes up and they may be late.
  • For outdoor events, rent an indoor venue in case of unexpected weather.
  • Have a contingency budget in case of unexpected mishaps where sudden purchases may be needed.

Ensure a smooth-running event every time

One way to ensure a successful event is by dealing only with reputable event suppliers. Contact the best event rentals in Maryland for your next planned event.