How to Keep the Wedding Dance Floor Busy

Here is a wedding nightmare you might not consider, but an empty dance floor does happen. You already booked a DJ or band, planned the playlist, and mainly carved out time for dancing, so why is not anybody going to the dance floor? It is not in your character to force people to go to the dance floor and you shouldn’t.

You do not want the stage and dance floor rentals you paid for go to waste. Aside from choosing the right band or DJ team that you can work well with; you also have to feel comfortable that they can give you the music style you need.

Here are tips you can use to keep the dance floor busy on your wedding day:

The Mood Should be Set Early

The cocktail hour is a nice opportunity to set the reception mood. If you feel mellow and elegant, maybe you can hire a string quartet. However, if you want to add some energy, you need to consider a mariachi band, a karaoke, or even a barbershop quartet. The most fun hour should leave the guests pumped all night long. That is why the mood should be set early.

Give them Props

Photo booths and props are what causes rage at weddings today, which is why you need to encourage guests to take them onto the dance floor. They do not have to be tacky and you should keep it ethical when you consider charity shops and become creative when you come up with props so you can keep up with the wedding theme.

These props should be kept light and small so they are not cumbersome like dance partners. You should think of top hats, boas, flower garlands, tinsel, or fairy lights. You should place the props in an accessible and visible spot and use them to start the party.

Make Sure that There is Enough Space

Small dance floors are cramped and the big ones make guests self-conscious. A good rule to keep in mind is the dance floor should be at least three square feet of the dance floor space for two guests. Therefore, if you have 200 guests, you are going to need an 18 x 18 dance floor. You should ask the reception site if they can add extra flooring in case the standard is too small. Another thing, you should make the dance floor the room’s focal point, and not tucked in a corner. When you highlight it, you can send guests the message that a big part of the reception is dancing.

Mix up Good Music

Play a nice mix of music from classic, to new wave, modern to hip hop. Choose music that has a fast and upbeat tempo beat with slower, romantic, and slower ballads. A great DJ will play to the crow. Keep in mind that the reason you want a professional DJ to entertain wedding guests is that they are great at reading the crowd and understanding what they are looking for. They might want a change of tempo, variety of genre, whatever it is – to keep people on the dance floor.

You Should Not Se the Bar Too High

If you are a classy couple, your first dance should be an elegant one. However, it is hard to follow a professionally choreographed waltz, so you should consider the ending number and it should be something lighter. Mix in some silly dance steps that make guests feel more comfortable to start dancing on the dance floor.

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