How To Make A Barn Wedding Elegant?

Wedding venues are of endless variety. Some people dream of getting married in a church or a resort overlooking the sea and then there are some who want to say “I do” in the countryside. Barn weddings are more common than you think and they have their own unique appeal and wedding tent rentals can turn the barn into a perfect wedding venue.

Here are some amazing tips to make your hitch day in a barn look rustic and more sophisticated.

Tips For Making Your Barn Wedding Special

Decorate To The Nines

Barns are awesome but this doesn’t mean that a little décor won’t make the space even better. If you don’t want your barn to look like a stack of hay and horses everywhere, decorations will take it from ordinary to amazing in no time.

You can consider covering the ceiling with sheer drapes that dangle from the sides or go for very rustic but beautiful seats and tables.

Hardwood is the best option, but you can also go for different designs and materials if that’s what you prefer. It’s all about making the barn look put together and you’ll see that it will look elegant and sophisticated.

Opt For A Sophisticated Font

Speaking of sophistication, another area of wedding-related décor in which this theme is applicable is the invitations and the name cards. So, a barn is pretty much the epitome of rustic and classic beauty, but you can add a bit of flair and elegance with your invitations and name cards.

A cursive and elegantly thin writing font for the name cards is exactly what you need. You can also opt for light and pastel background colors for the name cards because these hues scream “elegance”. You don’t want to go for blocky and chunky fonts if you want to capture the sophisticated look you see in those inspiration photos on the internet.

Go For Clustered Seats

If you’re considering hosting your wedding somewhere in the countryside and there’s a barn involved, but you also don’t want to make it look like a cowboy fest, then you can certainly change the vibe with the seating arrangement.

Usually, weddings have pretty spaced-out seating arrangements and while that’s fine, it’s not warm enough for a barn wedding. When it comes to elegance, you want to tie everything together.

Go for a more intimate seating arrangement because that will make everything look so much better. The venue floor space will have clusters of seats and tables and all the guests can sit around comfortably and have a wonderful time.

The Right Light Fixtures

Lighting is a very simple thing, but it can make your wedding go from nay to yay. When decorating the barn or even the outside, try to use abundant fairy lights. Something about fairy lights is so magical yet elegant.

They make the space all nice and twinkly, like someone mounted stars on the ceiling, but it’s also very warm and inviting. The best part? The golden yellow hue from the fairy lights will add that missing touch to the décor and you’ll see the barn come together with a bow of elegance and that’s not something you see every day in traditional weddings.

Throw In Some Color

You know what’s boring in a barn wedding? No color! If it’s your wedding and you haven’t decided on the color scheme, then what are you waiting for? Everything looks better and more lively with a bit of color and that’s a fact. Even if you go for light hues and pastel colors, that’s golden.

You can also play with bolder colors if that’s what you prefer, but the most important thing you need to remember is the fact that you have to balance everything out. The trick is not to make the barn under or overpowering.

A Poised Menu

Another foolproof way of making your barn wedding go from rustic to elegant is with the menu. Confused? Don’t be, because it’s really easy. Since the whole vibe of your countryside wedding is classic and very hands-on, you can opt for a restaurant-style menu and serving.

This is unlike any regular wedding buffet. This is fine dining in a barn and you can’t go wrong with servers serving people at their tables. It doesn’t get more convenient than this. As for the food, try to go for options that you find interesting like instead of a regular steak and roast, go for deconstructed morsels of yumminess that look like nothing less than a work of art.

Nothing Beats Fresh Flowers

Flowers are synonymous with elegance and if you’re in a barn, then take advantage of the countryside and get a lot of flowers for your wedding. Custom flower arrangements are something else entirely and they exude charm and beauty like no other traditional flower arrangements and bouquets.

Depending on the season, you can go for fresh peonies, wildflowers, lavender flowers, and the list goes on. Having these fresh bouquets on each table and dotted throughout the décor will make you want to capture this moment forever.

Incorporate Nature

Who says you have to have a wedding inside a barn? You can bring the festivities outside and turn the barn into either a dance floor or the reception or you can have it decorated as a chapel for your vow ceremony. You can seat the guests outside and there is more than one reason why you should do exactly that.

Well, if it’s a beautiful day outside, then everyone will love the fresh air and light breeze. On top of that, nature will do the wooing for you and people will admire the natural beauty.

Keep It Minimal

The “less is more” approach works wonders if you want your barn wedding to be elegant. You don’t need a thousand flower arrangements or the most expensive of décor to make your wedding special and memorable. Minimal décor will make your hitch day so much more enjoyable and your wallet will be relieved too.

If you’re a fan of simple but mesmerizing weddings, then all you need to do is apply the principle of minimalism to every step of wedding planning. You will see elegance come to life and you and the people attending will love the results.

Don’t Be Afraid To Rock N Roll

An elegant wedding doesn’t mean that you have to be prim and proper the entire time. It’s your big and happy day, so you have a free ticket to go as crazy as you want and enjoy your time to the max. This involves dancing to good music, having hilarious moments, and savoring those encounters. You will look back on them and reminisce on the good times.

A barn wedding can be very entertaining, so make sure that you take advantage of the countryside and its beauty. It will all be worth it, ultimately.


You don’t need to run for the hills when someone says the word “barn”. These weddings will become your new favorite after you follow these tips. Get some more amazing ideas by checking out wedding rental packages Northern VA and discussing your vision with the rentals and venue management.