How to Plan a Summer Wedding

If you want a summer wedding, you are probably imagining a beautiful blue sky from a movie with perfect white roses everywhere. Aside from that, the guests in high fashion imagine walking through the gardens with champagne glasses, and it remarks how it is the best wedding they have watched.

What you can foresee are guests feeling overheated, slumping, and dehydrated while sitting down because of humidity, swearing to pour down their dress. Not to mention the mosquitoes that are stuck in the icing of the perfect summer wedding cake.

The outdoor party rentals will do an excellent job as usual, but the guests will feel uncomfortable because of the heat. Here are tips to make a summer wedding work:

Do Not Choose the Hottest Part of the Day

Ideally, you should avoid being outside during the hottest times of the day. It will vary, based on where you are living, but summer heat normally peaks at 3 pm.

If you host your ceremony outside, it is highly recommended that you wait from mid to late evening so you can avoid making people sweat while in their wedding attire. Even if the wedding is 100% in terms of the event, you also do not wish for your guests to be miserable.

You want people to remember your beautiful wedding instead of how hot they felt.

Rent ACs

If your wedding is in a tent, or out in the air, make sure to rent high-quality portable fans that you test out at the rental store in order to judge their relative silence and strength. Excellent party fans run at lower volume levels so that people can hear music and the toasts. You can invest in many of these fans to make people comfortable, and place them in the seating area, bar, and anywhere else where guests are going to gather.

Summery Cocktails

You can quench the thirst of your guests with Summery cocktails or you can also try serving signature drinks for the summer in nice mason jars. You should make sure to have plenty of water served to your guests because they need to hydrate. You can also leave ice buckets out for the guests to cool down when they need to.

The Dress Code Should be Lighter

When it comes to keeping your guests cool, you should not have to settle on the way groomsmen and bridesmaids should dress, and you need to consider their comfort as well. These are among the most important people in your life, so why would they be standing up there while you say your vows?

It is best to ask your guests to wear airy and light clothing, which is why it should not be too hard for you to accomplish for your bridesmaid’s dresses. You might have to think harder for the men.

Indoor-Outdoor Location

If you have not booked your location yet, whether it is indoor or outdoor, you should look for a nice reception site that offers an outdoor and indoor area. For instance, a huge ballroom and nice outdoor terrace overlooking the manicured gardens, the ocean, or a golf course. Guests have the freedom to decide if they want to be outdoors, or get comfortable inside the air-conditioned building. If you have pregnant guests, you need a cooler environment for everyone. You want to make sure that no one will complain about sweating, or almost fainting because they are feeling uncomfortable the entire time. Paying a little extra is all worth it.

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