How to Plan for Your Wedding Theme

Weddings are one of the most exciting yet nerve-wracking milestones in a person’s life. You would have to plan for a year if you want a wedding experience you and your guests will surely remember. Everything – from your wedding dress, entourage, looking for wedding tent rental packages and other suppliers – should be planned accordingly.

Aside from the abovementioned wedding basics, you should also decide on your wedding theme. You can basically find inspiration everywhere: magazines, wedding websites, wedding expos, and even your friend’s wedding.

Getting started

Planning for your theme can also be an exciting part of your wedding preparations. The overall theme should not only focus on your wedding gown and design. Rather, this would also focus on everything about your wedding including the floral arrangement, invitation design, table and chair rentals, and staging and dance rentals among a few.

This is why you should sit down with your partner and discuss what theme you will have for your wedding. Hiring an experienced wedding planner is also a good idea to ensure a successful wedding. He or she will help plan everything and even source the best wedding suppliers around.

At the end of the day, it’s your wedding. All of the details that you want to include should be there on your special day. It is also a good idea to avail wedding rental packages to make your big extra special. More than impressing your guest with the decorations and all, creating great memories and camaraderie should be on top of your list.

Choosing a wedding theme

Before going ahead and decorating your wedding venue, make sure to decide what your wedding theme is. Having a theme will serve as your official guide as to what your overall décor will be. Likewise, it will set the layout for your invitations, calligraphy, and even your special outfit for your special day. Here are some tips so you can choose your wedding theme that suits well with your personality.

List your must-haves.

You can check out some wedding theme inspirations online or through previous weddings you have visited. You can get some ideas on what elements you would want to include on your wedding theme. It can be a specific photo booth design to the string lights hung above the outdoor reception area.

Consider your wedding date.

Your wedding theme may also depend on the time of the year. For example, a garden wedding with a rent wedding tent may be suitable during the summer season. On the other hand, an indoor wedding may be more appropriate during winter.

Consider your venue.

You can also take inspiration for your venue in setting a wedding theme. Planning for a garden wedding? Perhaps you can try a rustic or carnival-themed wedding. Or perhaps try a Gatsby-themed wedding if you have an indoor venue.

Look into your hobbies.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter or anything Disney, use this as your inspiration for your wedding theme. Unleash your creativity and set the theme and mood you want on your wedding day.

Wedding theme ideas you can grab for your special day

By this time, you may already have an idea for your wedding theme regardless of whether it’s inspired by your hobby or being a diehard anime fan. But if you are still not sure, here are some wedding theme ideas you can use for your own.


If you will have a beach or garden wedding, you can easily set a tropical-themed wedding complete with flowers, fruits, and anything with summer vibes. You can also use this theme in an indoor wedding setting.


This is another popular wedding theme that usually exudes a laid-back yet rustic appeal in an occasion. Decorate with hanging lights, or create a Coachella vibes to your wedding day.

TV Show/Movie

You can set up the wedding venue based on your favorite TV show. Incorporate that iconic piece of furniture or something that will be easily recognized and associated with that particular show or film.


If both of you are sports lovers, why not use this as your ultimate wedding theme? Complete the feel with customized medals as your token for your guests.

A wedding to remember

Aside from availing wedding tent rental packages, you should also set a theme for your special day. It adds a personal touch to your wedding and makes it you. Of course, you should deal with trusted suppliers such as event rentals in Maryland for a wedding to remember.