How to Plan Your Outdoor Wedding

If you are planning to have a wedding or reception ceremony outdoors, having the right wedding tent layout is key to helping everything go smoothly. You need to create the right atmosphere, maximize space, and sort out the logistics as you follow other suggestions. After that, you need to consider party rentals and other costs. In case you have no idea what these considerations may be, this article is going to hate you.

Before you start planning your wedding, think about the considerations that will be mentioned here. Read on to find out more.

Plan a Higher Budget

There are different ways that a tent can change your reception into an inviting and breathtaking space. Similar to a blank canvas, tents let your wedding vision comes to life without the need to stay within the limits of what is normally offered by a revenue.


While you plan to become a creative bride, tented weddings can be expensive, especially if you are paying site fees and upgrading your décor, as well as the wedding rentals. When you plan the tented wedding, you are responsible for the costs of turning a space into something inviting. This includes providing power, enough lighting, climate control, ceiling and leg draping, and space flooring.

Find the Right Venue

One of the biggest pros to having a rental tent for a day is that you can practically host your wedding anywhere you go. Regardless, if you are planning an exquisite reception at a bigger venue, or you will simply put an intimate event for your family or close friends. A tent helps you in achieving your desired wedding aesthetic. If you want lower costs, there are a couple of options for the outdoor venue you want.

  • Backyard wedding – If you have room, backyard weddings are perfect for the big day. You will have the comfort of becoming familiar with the venue, and you will most likely have a lot of room in the house for the entire bridal party in order to be prepared. When you have the perfect tent, you will feel elegant even if it rains.
  • Beach – If you are close to any body of water, a beach is the perfect backdrop for your special day. You need to get close to the shoreline for the ceremony and then go to a nearby area to have the reception. The biggest part is that a lot of beaches are public, and you will not need to pay a lot of money to book a beach wedding venue. In addition, you will not have to spend a lot of money on decorations because your venue has water and a beautiful backdrop.


If you are thinking of an outdoor wedding tent, you are likely to check out online for any design inspiration. Almost any décor, color, or theme palette you are planning can be done, whether you want a rustic wedding, romantic, or elegant wedding. However, each has its own logistic considerations and budget. Basic tents are made using different styles and materials and it is most likely the most common and cost-efficient way to plan your wedding. However, other options are sailcloth tents, clear top tents, and fabric tents. Make sure that you need to talk about your vision to the wedding planner or tent rental service.

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