How to Prepare Your Skin for Your Wedding Day

It can be said that finding the top makeup artist for your wedding day is a huge deal. However, applying makeup without clean canvas is similar to painting your house without using a primer first. So, regardless if who you choose to do your makeup, you need a proper skincare routine that leads to the big day without it being a top priority.

Aside from that, you need to properly prepare your skin on the morning of your wedding. Regardless if you have been getting facials during the six months that lead to your wedding day. The event rentals you pay for will take care of the set-up to save you from stress, but you will glow even more when you have a skincare routine.

The Wedding Glow

When everyone is looking at you, without mentioning the photos that are living in infamy, you would want a flawless face that is free of dry skin, other impurities in the skin, and blemishes. For delicate skin on the face, you would want to start preparing months in advance – the majority of experts say six months before your wedding day is a good place to get started. Doing a daily beauty regimen by cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and toning morning and night makes a big difference in how your skin appears. Even if cleansing and moisturizing might be more obvious, you should not skimp on toning to restore pH balance.


You can find great exfoliators at home, or choose the professional route. If you want a professional, you can ask your esthetician for any tips on what is best for your skin. They could recommend derma planning spa treatments. Professional exfoliating treatments can start anywhere from one year until a few weeks before your appointment date. The bonus with professional treatments is they are going to give you steps that are tailored to your certain skincare needs that you can add to your daily regimen the week or the day of your wedding and after.

When you are at home, look for gentle scrubs and apply some on your chest and neck.

Do Not Start Any New Treatments or Products a Month Before

In the final weeks that lead up to your wedding day, you need to avoid trying new products or treatments so you can avoid irritation or flare-ups. The last thing you require a couple of weeks before your wedding is a bad reaction to something you tried. Therefore, you need to use things that work for you, and this is not the time to change something.

Smooth Skin All Over

Even if your wedding gown might cover a couple of areas, that is more reason to highlight visible zones like your chest, neck, back, and shoulders. You can consider your neck and chest to be an extension of your face – your skin is delicate, and needs similar maintenance. When you wash, moisturize, and exfoliate, make sure that you are hitting the spots well. When it comes to the back and shoulders, exfoliate while in the shower or bath, and follow with any gentle cleanser and daily lotion moisturizing. This is going to keep your exposed skin feeling and looking smooth and soft.

For the other parts of your body, think about incorporating a dry body brush into your morning routine. Body brushing has a lot of benefits which include circulation, getting rid of dead, dry skin, and helping you prevent ingrown hairs, unclogged pores, and toxins.

You can contact table and chair rentals Frederick anytime for your wedding day preparations and have the best day of your life.