How to Rent Tents for an Outdoor Wedding?

When you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception then a tent provide guests a perfect place to get protection from the bad weather conditions and helps to create a cozy atmosphere. Tents provide flexibility to choose your venue due to its portable nature. These days, the various options of party tents make it simple to rent a tent.


Before renting a tent, make sure to allocate a budget that accommodates an outdoor tent rental. Always understand that tents for special events costs several thousand dollars and the total cost depend on the size, style and other party supplies and accessory rentals like lighting, heaters or conditioning units.
Make a list of queries to clear from your party rental company. Get clarification on questions related to installation, color options, arrangement for serving and chafing dishes rentals and dance floor. As a customer, make sure to take a measurement of your wedding or reception area and give the details of the dimensions to the rental company to get accurate quotes.

Contact tent rental companies

Start contacting rental companies’ atleast 3 to 6 months before the occasion to determine as what size of the tent you need for the expected guests and the estimated cost of the tent and other supplies you’ll need for best arrangements.
After exploring the various options, decide on what type of party tents you prefer to rent. Pole tents are a traditional choice and provide a sweeping roof design with best support by poles or columns throughout. Canopy style tents are recommended for daytime wedding. Another inexpensive option includes canopies with typically support given by a collapsible metal frame. You can also choose from the most expensive choice which is a clear-span frame tent that provides a sturdy and weather-proof atmosphere without any obstruction from supporting poles.
Try to make a decision as whether you like tent with removable walls or skylights. It would be better to seal up the tent during stormy weather. In some cases, guests can be given an option to stargaze if weather allows.

Make a deal

Before finalizing the deal, always find out the maintenance level of the tents by your party tent company. Outdoor equipment can mildew if it isn’t properly cleaned and maintained and no one wants that your caterer to bear the smell of moldy and musty tent. Make sure to call your rental company 2 to 3 weeks before your wedding to confirm your party rentals and price quote and get a clear understanding on return timings and dates to avoid paying any fines.