It’s Showtime! – How to Organize a Talent Competition

Perhaps you have already watched at least one “reality show” on your local TV channels. Over the years, reality shows have become the talk of the town among viewers not only in the US but also in many parts of the world. From singing contests, dance competitions, obstacle racecourses, and even weight loss… these are only some of the most popular reality show concepts which surely captured the attention of millions of viewers around the globe.

Even competitions held in a live stage attract hundreds of people even if it means there will be no TV exposures whatsoever. In fact, there is something about contests which unleashes many people’s competitive spirit. Likewise, contestants use that opportunity to showcase the talent they have whether it’s singing, dancing, or others.

At the same time, organizers would put extra effort to make the show interesting. One way is by availing staging and dance floor rentals companies. Live competitions may also be held outdoors, so it is also a good idea to get tent rentals suppliers for this kind of event.

Getting started

As an event organizer, it can be challenging to plan for a major event especially if it requires contestants to show up. For one thing, it can be nerve-wracking thinking whether contestants would be interested to show up in the first place. Stage set-up should be taken consideration as well. In such cases, hiring an event rentals supplier may also be a good idea.

Setting up a live competition show is one of the best events you can plan for various reasons. For one, these types of shows aim to bring the best talents in the area in exchange for prizes for the winners (and even for the non-winners as well). It can also be one way to increase awareness and establish a company or brand’s identity.

These kinds of talent shows can also inspire others to believe in themselves and the skills/talents they have. Also, who wouldn’t be motivated to do their best in a contest if there are irresistible prizes at stake? Nevertheless, competitions are something event organizers should prepare and spend time on planning to ensure its success.

Planning for a talent competition

As mentioned, planning an event – whatever type of event it is – can be challenging. For one, you should look for different suppliers such as table and chair rentals and tent rentals companies. Aside from that, here are some other things you need to do in preparation for a competition show.

Create an events committee.

Come up with a set of personnel who will take care of each assigned tasks for the said event. There should be one who will handle the budget, while the other will assist the contestants, another for the prizes, and so on.

Consider the venue.

Do you plan on holding the event indoors or outdoors? Are you expecting a small or large number of audience? These are some of the things you need to consider when planning for a competition show or any event for that matter. If you consider an outdoor show, you should consider getting an events tents and an alternate indoor venue in case of sudden bad weather.

Decide what type of competition you will have.

Decide whether the show is for fundraising or a showcase of talents. If the latter, decide what kind of talent show you want (ex. singing, dancing, or anything goes).

If it’s a contest, create the criteria for judging.

Consider the qualifications for potential contestants (ex. age range, male or female, individual or group). Decide how many winners you will declare at the end of the competition and the corresponding prizes. Set criteria for judging (ex. voice quality, synchronization, audience impact, time limit, etc.)

Live stage talent show ideas

Most people love watching talent competitions and then judge each contestant in our heads. There are many types of talent shows that will showcase the contestants’ skills that are worth the applause. Here are some of the most popular talent show concepts to choose from.

  • Singing contest (individual or group categories)
  • Dance competitions (individual or group categories)
  • Magic show
  • Stand-up comedy show
  • Rock band competitions
  • Cheerleading competitions

There are a lot more ideas to consider, but these are some of the best talent show concepts you can come up.

Hire suppliers for your events

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