Linen And Décor For Weddings: Everything You Need To Know About Party Linens

Linen and décor for weddings

Linens come in handy when you are decorating your party. If you don’t have them you don’t have to worry as you can always rent them from your local party rentals.

Types of party linens you can go for

If you feel that you need to decorate your party using the linens there are many types of these units that you can go for. The most common are:

Tablecloths: Your choice for tablecloths should be determined by your need for them. If you have beautiful party tables you don’t have to cover them but if you rented cheap tables, you should improve their look using tablecloths. For ideal results with the tablecloths, you should go with those that are of the same theme as your wedding. For example, if having a vintage wedding, go with lace linens.

Table runners: Table runners are great additions to a table. Just like with tablecloths, your choice for runners should be dependent on the statement you want to make. For a modern look, you should go with a stripped runner. When placing them in place ensure that you press them thoroughly and place them at the center of the table.

The width of the table runner has a great impact on the look of the table. For you to choose the right width of table runner, pay attention to the size of your centerpieces. If you have small centerpieces, go with a large table runner and vice versa.

Napkins: Many people use napkins to wrap their cutlery but you can also use them to decorate your party. For a great look, you should go with those that match your tablecloth or runner. As rule of thumb, you should fold them depending on the theme of your party. For example, for a classic look, you should fold the napkins to form a pocket that you can tuck your cards into.

Tips to consider when using wedding linens

When choosing linen and décor for weddings you should go for the highest quality units you can find. This calls for you to rent from high-quality party rental stores. In the bid of saving money, some people go for the cheapest wedding party supplies but this shouldn’t be you. Remember that the cheaper the supplies are, the cheaper the party looks.

In addition to the quality, also consider the color of the linens. As rule of thumb, you should choose a color that matches your wedding theme.