A Grand Event

Medical Tent Rentals, Disaster Relief Tents

Medical Tent Rentals, Disaster Relief Tents

There come times of struggle in this country where we all need to come together and do our part to guarantee a brighter tomorrow. We at A Grand Event Tent & Event Rental would like to do our part in helping our community and surrounding partners in any tent and event rental needs.

A Grand Event is located in Montgomery County, MD and we have the capability to provide Montgomery County and all surrounding counties with all necessary equipment to set up makeshift drive-thru testing sites, storage tenting, medical triage tents, and any other outdoor temporary structures. (No matter the size)

We can provide you with Tents, Tent Walls, Lighting, Heating or A/C if needed, Tables, Chairs, Tablecloths, Pipe and Drape to set up privacy stations, Generators, and any additional equipment you should require if need be.

Recent Works

Sibley Memorial Hospital

NBC News Station

Tent Sizes

Tent SizeSquare Footage Provided
10x10100 sq ft
15x15225 sq ft
20x20400 sq ft
20x30600 sq ft
20x40800 sq ft
30x30900 sq ft
30x401200 sq ft
30x451350 sq ft
30x50 1500 sq ft
40x401600 sq ft
30x601800 sq ft
30x702100 sq ft
30x802400 sq ft
40x602400 sq ft
40x803200 sq ft
40x1004000 sq ft
40x1204800 sq ft
40x1405600 sq ft

Let’s Work Together!

Please contact our office by phone or email for any tent emergencies or your local authorities if you are in immediate emergency assistance.

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