Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Party Tents

When having an outdoor event, party tents are a must have to keep your guests comfortable. To get the most from the units, you need to rent the right ones. This calls for you to be cautious when placing your order. To help you out, here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid making:

Placing your orders in the last minute

Many people have the notion that when they are looking for the party tent, they only need to visit their local rental company and collect the tent. Far from this. While you might get a tent, you might not get the one that you want. This is often when you are having your event during the high season.

When you hire the wrong tent, you give your party the wrong look. To be on the safe side, you should start looking for the tent at least two months before the party date. This way, you have enough time to visit different rental companies and compare the tents that they have and their rental costs.

When you find your desired tent that matches your party theme, you should go ahead and order it. Remember to depositĀ a certain amount so that you can commit yourself.

Getting quotes without inspecting the party site

This often happens when you work with a new or unprofessional company. The company will simply ask you the number of people that you are expecting to attend the event and go ahead and give you a quote of the amount that you should pay. This is wrong.

Remember that different sites have different dimensions and although you might be expecting a certain number of people, the tent that you get the quotes on, might not fit the location.

To avoid this, you should ensure that the party rental company you are renting from visits your site and helps you in determining the right size of tent that you should go for. The company will also help you in telling the right design of party tent that will be ideal for the location.


These are some of the mistakes you should avoid when renting a party tent. To have an easy time renting the unit, rent it from a reputable party rentals md company. As mentioned, you should start looking for the tent early enough so that you get the right one. Starting your research early also ensures that you have enough time to install it.