Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring Wedding Rentals

You want your wedding or party to be perfect and for your guest to enjoy the day. Once you have set the date for the event you need to determine the number of guests you expect in your event. It’s therefore important that reserve your party rentals in good time avoid disappointment. In this article, we tell you mistakes you should avoid when hiring party tent rentals to make sure your event is successful.

Party Rental Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Ordering Wedding rentals packages too late.

It’s important that you book the wedding tent rentals as soon as you know the number of guests expected and you have selected the venue. Don’t wait for the last minute to book the items you need. If you are holding an event during the holiday or in summer, you may be surprised that most of the best rental items have already been booked. You may fail to secure the items you need and that will cause to find a new theme for your event.

  • Failure to Order Enough Items

When you are ordering items for your party make sure you order more than the expected number of guests. Every event has un-expected guests, and you also need to consider the chances that some will come without an invitation. Determine the number of guests expected and order more party rentals that the number of guests expected. You may not be able to get the same quality of items if Realize that you need more. Make sure you have enough tables and chairs. A last-minute order may result in unmatched chairs and tables.

  • Not a having a good plan

Once you have ordered the party tent rentals you need to have a plan of when the items will be available in the venue. Make sure you agree with the party tent rentals company when to expect the items at your venue. Make sure you also agree when the items will be returned to the company. Agree with the party tent rentals company when they expect the tents and if they are any charges in case the event takes longer than expected.

  • Working With Too Many Vendors

Working with too many vendors will make planning your event more hectic. Consider a vendor who has most of the rental items that you need for your big day. Working with one vendor is not only going to make hiring the rental items easier but you can also get discounted prices. Work with vendors who have the best wedding rental packages and that will make it easier for your plan for your event.

  • Working with Unexperienced rental companies

It’s important that you work with experienced party tents rentals companies. The experts will be able to advise you the best wedding tent rentals, the best chairs, and tables for your theme and the stage and dance floor rentals that fit in your Budget. Work with companies that have to provide rentals for long as they will be able to advise your on pitfalls to avoid. Depending on your venue they will also advise you on the best tent rentals ideas for your event. Work with companies that will visit your venue and advise you on the best items for your party and give you ideas that will leave your guest exhilarated.

  • Failing to get Quotations

It’s important that you ensure you work on a budget. Failing to get quotations from various vendors my Skyrocket the rental prices. Make sure that you visit several rental companies and get quotations for the various items that you need for your event.

Tips to Get the Best Wedding rentals

  • Make sure that you know the number of guests expected as that will help you plan accordingly
  • Have a plan in case mother nature decides to surprise you. If you are hosting an outdoor event, make sure that you have a plan should the weather change
  • Make sure there is a source of power at the venue
  • Book all the items in good time and pay a deposit
  • Make sure you see what you have booked to avoid disappointment on the d- day


To make sure that your event is successful, make sure that you work with the best wedding tent rentals company. Plan and organize your wedding or party in good time and book the rentals you need in advance to avoid disappointments.